5 Ways to Grow Your Sales in the New Year Marketing Campaign

The Best Time to Launch New Year Marketing Campaign

Now it’s the best time to launch your New Year’s marketing campaign. By launching your campaign between Christmas and New Year, you allow a day or two of rest between holidays, instead of fatiguing your customers. On the other hand, you’re ahead of other business to let your customers knows your Deals and New Arrivals. Remember, your customer’s email will be flooded on Jan 1st.

But the question is: How? Here are 5 New Year’s marking ideas you may like.

1. Craft a good email in your customers inbox

Email campaign is the best way to motivate your customers to take action. However, it’s never been easy to let them open your email.

First of all,  writing an attractive subject line. Make sure your subject line can steal your customers’ attention when they scroll the inbox.

What’s more, make your email design eye-catching. An image with fireworks is never out-dated. Use GIF if it’s applicable because everyone loves it.

Finally, don’t forget to add your values or call-to-action to your email. Ask yourself: What action do you want your customers to take? Click? Purchase? Subscribe?

2. Get Rid of Your Overflow Stock by Big Discount

The continuous inflation hurts everyone. Study shows that 47% of American mentioned that paying full price is a deal breaker and 56% plan to buy gifts during big discount like Black Friday and Labor Day.

On couple of day off around Jan 1st, people going to take this free time on their hands to scope out the best deals on online leftovers from the year before. So steal their attention with a big discount flash sale and lead them to “take these treasures off our hands before we have to bury them forever” to highlight urgency and let customers know it is the time to buy it.

3. Cater to Impulse Purchases

New Year is a prime time for returns since people get holiday gifts they don’t want or bought something to celebrate the New Year but didn’t get to use it.
When they visit your online or physical store for a return, they give you chances to get them to buy something else. For online store, list some impulse purchase as “You Might Also Like” or “Customer Also Bought”. If you have a physical store, placing impulse purchases by your return counter.

Remember: Customers for return are free “organic traffic” to your store.

4. Rescue abandoned carts with automated emails

Sometimes people will forget to check out the products they add-to-cart or they may find something else. These are your valuable customers because they’ve already known your products and brands.

So don’t hesitate to re-targeting them through segmented email reminders that send whenever a cart remains abandoned automatically. Your emails will remind these customers that even if they didn’t purchase items the first time round, there’s still time to buy before the end of the promotion.

Tips: Adding a shopping cart icon on email that caught your customer’s eye.

5. Get Customer Feedback to Make Your Business Better

Customers’ voice are invaluable especially when it comes to anonymous because people are usually pretty truthful about their experience, their wants, and their needs.

Use an online survey tool to design a quick form to send out in an email campaign to ask your customers burning questions. Embed your survey on your website.

When your customers find their voices get heard, their suggestions get took and their feels get cared. They are with you for the following days.

Just do it

Now that you’re armed with a host of new year marketing ideas, and you know the perfect time to launch your campaigns, you’re ready to set a sale, schedule posts, plan an event, and craft your surveys. 

To start, go ahead and print out a calendar or tab over to a new month and flesh out your campaign ideas and launch dates. Pretty soon, you’ll have a full docket of new year promotions ready to wow your customers and spark up a fantastic new year.