7 Inspiring International Women’s Day marketing ideas

International Women's Day is an annual celebration of the accomplishments of women in various social, cultural, economic, and political fields. The day serves as a platform to acknowledge the existence of gender discrimination and the need for gender equality.

It is an essential cause that brands cannot overlook since around 70% of consumers expect their preferred brands to take a public stance on social causes. For this reason, brands often leverage significant dates such as International Women's Day to initiate meaningful discussions with their customers.

To demonstrate genuine support for women, businesses can implement creative and impactful marketing campaigns. We have curated 5 campaign ideas to inspire brands to convey their commitment to this worthy cause.

1. Updates to your brand identity

One of the key objectives of commemorating International Women's Day is to ensure that women in your workforce, customer base, and the general public feel acknowledged and represented.

To achieve this, start by updating the smaller aspects of your branding identity. For example, if your branding typically features a male mascot, contemplate introducing a female mascot for your promotional campaign.


Disney is a prime example of this strategy. During Women's History Month in 2022, the renowned floral exhibit of Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Park's entrance was replaced with a floral display of Minnie Mouse.


2. Show the women in your team

One effective strategy to humanize your brand and connect with customers is to introduce them to the people working behind it. Customers appreciate hearing stories about these individuals, and featuring them helps to personalize your brand. On International Women's Day, it is particularly relevant to highlight the women in your team. Rather than cooperating with an influencer or celebrity for your Women's Day marketing campaign, showcase the talented and inspiring women within your organization.


3. Don’t forget the storytelling.

Don’t forget the importance of educating the audience on the significant issues surrounding women's rights. Not everyone is eager to hear about such topics, particularly from a brand. To effectively convey your message, storytelling is a powerful tool that can add a touch of magic to your marketing strategy.

Leading the audience to the message through storytelling can make the conversation more engaging than merely presenting them with facts. Videos are particularly effective storytelling aids, as we previously discussed, although other visual elements such as images, illustrations, and infographics can also be used. Our brain is more responsive to color, fonts, and images than text alone, and we tend to remember images longer.


4. Packaging Does Matter.

Packaging design is a significant touchpoint for customers in the retail industry and a crucial element of a brand's identity. Therefore, it would be remiss not to include packaging design in your International Women's Day campaign.

An effective strategy is to update your packaging design for this occasion. For instance, Hershey's India showcased an illustrated package design featuring a prominent female figure that aligns with their brand, product, and target audience.

You can also create a packaging design based on a theme related to a cause for women that is relevant to your brand and personalize it accordingly. When updating your packaging design, it is essential to create supporting ads and social media posts to inform customers about the changes and help them recognize the refreshed packaging at stores.


Even if you don’t want to produce new package, small changes by stickers or labels is an affordable but effective way.
For labels designed to increase brand awareness on International women’s day, you are free to choose the shape and color of your labels. Betckey offers colored labels for this purpose as well. Look for them now!

5. Discount! Discount! Discount!

Discounts are a win-win for both brands and consumers, as they can increase sales for brands and offer savings for customers. This approach works well for most holidays and special occasions, and International Women's Day is no exception. By offering discounts on products and services for women, you create an opportunity for women to treat themselves and practice self-love.


In the age of social media, it's essential to come up with a strong theme and hashtag for your discount campaign to generate buzz on social platforms. Once you have a theme in place, you can create a shopping guide or newsletter with curated discounts and social media posts dedicated to the theme. For instance, a self-care theme can include a discount code like SELFCARE2023, and products that promote self-care can have the highest discounts.


It's also crucial to create a visual theme for the campaign to ensure consistency across email, social media, and print ads, providing a seamless omnichannel experience for customers.