Details of Wholesale Program

For bulk order customers ordering more than $500 but less than $4,000, we will provide at least 16% discount. 

For all wholesale customers ordering more than $4,000 in a shipment, we offer product customization, flexible shipping and multiple billing options.

Sales Representative: 

1.Product Customization
Unlike other brands that outsource production to other factories, we are able to offer custom quantity, material and packaging customization such as logo to our customers because we have our own factories.

(1.1) Customized quantity adjustment
You do not need to worry if the quantity of labels per roll does not meet your demand. We are able to produce a certain quantity of labels per roll as you want.

For example, our current product named ZB225200 has 700 labels/roll. But we can also produce 1000 labels/roll if you want.

(1.2) Material customization
Let us know if you want your product to be made of different material, such as film, or in a certain color.

(1.3) Packaging customization
Do you want to have your own logo printed on the label and packaging to build your own brand?
Do you want to design the packing according to your own 

Yes, we can!

2. Flexible shipping

To meet the different shipping needs of different customers, we offer three different shipping options:

(2.1) Shipping through Amazon Logistics - Fastest, 3-7 business days, 16% discount

We will use our inventory on Amazon to meet your needs. It could be the best way for drop shipping business.

We understand that shipping through Amazon logistics is not an easy way compared to the other 2 options, since you have so many packages to receive and you can not get all the packages in 1 day.

However, the trade-off might be meaningless considering you have so many orders to fulfill when you run out of shipping labels.

What’s more, we are able to help you to redistribute them to different places as you want.

(2.2) Direct shipping - Easiest, Sea Freight 50 days, 25% discount

We will ship your orders directly from our factories to any place you need in 1 or more shipments. All you need to do is unloading at your loading dock or front door.

Compared to the 1st option, shipping through Amazon Logistics, the trade-off for this option is slow. However, considering the 9% extra discount and the ease of receiving the bulk order, this is the best option for any business that likes it simple.

What’s more, we are able to help you to redistribute them to different places as you want.

(2.3) Pickup at a warehouse near you - Cheapest, Sea Freight 40 days, 35% discount.

We ship your orders to one of four warehouses in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago and Atlanta. You can pick them up with your own carrier.
We fully understand if you have a better shipping company than ours. That's why we want to save you even more money by offering you a 35% discount if you can pick it up with your own carrier.

3. Billing options

(3.1)Bank/Wiretransfer - Extra 4% Discount

We strongly recommend that you make payment via Bank/Wire Transfer, as there are no transaction fees associated with bank/wire transfer. 

You will get 4% extra discount if you pay via Bank/Wire transfer.

Eg. ①Use Ship by Amazon Logistics, but pay with Bank/Wire Transfer - 20% discount. (Extra 4%)

Eg. ②Use Direct Shipping, but pay with Bank/Wire Transfer - 29% discount (Extra 4%)

Eg. ③Pick up at warehouse but pay with Bank/Wire Transfer - 39% (Extra 4%)

(3.2)Payment via Shopify - No Extra Discount

You can make payment through our Shopify store, just like our retail customers.
However, please note that you do not have any extra discount because Shopify charges a 3.5% transaction fee.

Eg. ①Use Ship by Amazon Logistics, but pay with Shoppify - 16% discount.3.5%

Eg. ②Use Direct Shipping, but pay with Shopify - 25% discount ③Pick up at warehouse but pay with Shopify - 35%

(3.3)Payment Via PayPal - 4% Discount Reduction

You can make payment by PayPal, just like our retail customers.

However, please note that your discount will be reduced by 4% because PayPal charges a transaction fee of nearly 4%.

Eg. ①Use Ship by Amazon Logistics but pay with PayPal - 12% discount. (4% reduction)

Eg. ②Use Direct Shipping but pay with Paypal - 21% discount (25% - 4% = 21%)

Eg. ③Pick up at our warehouse but pay with Paypal: 31% discount (35% - 4% = 31%).

Ship by Amazon - 16% Of Pick-up at Warehouse - 35% Of Direct Shipping - 25% Of Note
Wire Transfer 20% off 39% off 29% off No transaction fee, extra 4% discount
Pay via Shopify 16% off 35% off 25% off 3.5% transaction fee, no extra discount
Pay via PayPal 12% off 31% off 21% off 4% transaction fee, reduce 4% discount
ETA 3-7 Business Days 45 Days 50 Days

4. Return policy

Except for product quality problems, return is not possible for bulk orders.
Unlike retail orders, we cannot take the big loss for returning such a large quantity of products.
Therefore, we recommend you to order a sample first and test the product before placing a bulk order.

5. Contact Us

If you have more questions, please email to: