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In the previous “Exploring Brother Labels Blog,” we talked about the sizes and benefits Brother labels offer, including both paper material and weather-resistant film labels. However, you may have special needs for specific purposes, such as warning, highlighting, organizing, or frequently replacing old labels with new ones.

Thus, let’s explore how Brother labels fulfill all your special needs. Brother offers warning stickers that print black and red on white labels, colored labels to help you organize and build your brand identity, and removable labels that make it easy to remove old labels without leaving residue.

DK-2251: Print Black and Red on White Labels - Warning and Highlighting



Brother Labels DK-2251 are unique labels that can print in black or red on white labels, while all other labels are monochrome (black on white) only. These labels are perfect for when you want to print a highlight or alert message. Please note that these labels are only compatible with Brother  QL-800, QL-810W, and QL-820NWB printers.

Printing in black and red provides benefits that help you emphasize and highlight important information, such as no smoking stickers.

What Are the Benefits of Printing Black/Red with DK-2251 Labels?

DK-2251 Applications

In the Office:

These labels can be used to mark folders, shelves, or equipment, making it easier to store items and keep track of inventory.

In Retail:

DK-2251 labels can be used to create eye-catching product tags or pricing labels that stand out on the shelves.

At Home:

These labels can be used for organizing pantry items, labeling storage bins, or even creating personalized gift tags.

How to Print Black/Red with DK-2251 Labels

It is very simple. Besides all the other necessary steps on your Brother P-Touch app and operations on Brother printers, you only need to do one more step before designing your labels: change the color mode.

  1. Select the Right Paper Type
  2. Select "Black/Red" when printing

Select the Right Paper Type

Select the Right Paper Type

Just click on "Paper," and you will find "Paper Type" - "2-Color Mode/2-colour Mode." Then select "Black/Red" from the dropdown menu.

Select "Black/Red" when printing

Select "Black/Red" when printing

If your design has already been created by others, you can simply select "Black/Red" from the dropdown menu for "Paper Type" when printing.

Betckey Colored Brother Compatible Labels - Six Color Choices


6 Color Choices

Besides printing black and red on white labels for emphasizing and highlighting, there is another way to achieve this that works even better for organizing:

Printing with Colored Labels Directly

Brother also offers yellow color labels DK-4605 (2.4” x 100’ Yellow) in its authentic product lines, but what about other colors and sizes? Betckey colored compatible labels cover all sizes and come in six colors to help you. Betckey offers red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, and pink labels in all sizes compatible with Brother printers.



Red creates a sense of urgency and represents energy, courage, strength, and passion. It can also stimulate appetites, which is great for the food and beverage industries.

However, remember that many products use red in their packaging, so your product might blend in with others if not used carefully.



This orange color is all about fun, sociability, and adventure – simply put, it's about having a good time! However, it can also be associated with products that are affordable.



Yellow, like sunshine, brings feelings of happiness, hope, and comfort. It's a vibrant color that grabs attention, but use it carefully to avoid appearing too bold or aggressive.



Green represents nature, freshness, calmness, and reliability. It's a great choice for products emphasizing their eco-friendly or health-related features, symbolizing renewal and growth.

Light Blue

Light Blue

Now, let's discuss blue – it's widely used in packaging for good reasons! Blue conveys trust, calmness, success, stability, and loyalty. It also promotes an open-minded mindset and productivity. However, it may not grab attention as quickly as some other bright colors.



This pink color is often chosen for products targeting a female audience, as it communicates elegance, delicacy, and empathy. It's also used to create a sense of fun, making it a popular choice for children's games and products.

Betckey Removable Brother Compatible Labels - All Sizes



In addition to DK-4605 yellow removable labels, Brother labels DK-4205 are also removable but in white. Unlike regular permanent adhesive labels that are very hard to remove without leaving residue, removable adhesive labels can be easily removed without residue and without damaging the label. For temporary usage such as returnable items, price tags, or promotional stickers, these are perfect labels because they need to be replaced frequently.

However, both DK-4605 and DK-4205 are 2.4” x 100’ labels. What if you need other size removable labels? Now Betckey offers them in all sizes, just like all colored labels.

Other Color Labels and Removable Labels?

All differernt size colord labels

For 2.4" x 100’ labels, Brother only offers yellow color DK-4605, but Betckey offers the other five colors. Not to mention all other sizes that Brother doesn’t have color labels for, such as DK-1241 4" x 6". Betckey has you covered.

All size choices

From DK-1201 1.1" x 3.5" to DK-2243 4" x 100’, Betckey offers removable labels for all sizes. In general, you will find any labels you need as long as you use Brother QL direct thermal printers. See the size chart below.



Besides regular paper labels and weather-resistant labels, Brother also offers special labels for specific needs, such as DK-2251, which prints black and red on white labels, and DK-4605, which are colored (yellow) and removable labels. However, there are also some disadvantages among them.

The DK-2251 is only compatible with three Brother QL-800 printers, and Brother only offers one colored label (DK-4605) and two removable labels (DK-4605 & DK-4205), both in the same size (2.4” x 100’). So Betckey covers the rest of the jobs.

Betckey offers colored labels and removable labels in all sizes compatible with Brother printers, addressing special needs for specific purposes such as warnings, highlighting, organizing, or frequently replacing old labels with new ones.