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DYMO 30256 Shipping Labels Size:2-5/16" x 4"(59mm x 101mm)

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Dymo 30256 Compatible Shipping Labels

Our 2-5/16” x 4” thermal labels from Betckey are perfect size for printing standard shipping labels for large or medium boxes. Our Betckey labels work just like original Dymo labels but are available for just a fraction of the price. They help reduce your labeling costs without sacrificing quality and performance.

Each Dymo 30256 large shipping label comes with a strong permanent adhesive backing that works great on various temperatures, which shouldn’t fall off during use, will help your work better. Its premium-grade thermal paper delivers crisp black prints and easy-to-read text, ensuring all address and shipping information is visible. Just peel and stick these Dymo shipping labels for your day-to-day home office and warehouse operations.

Ideal for professionally branding packages and shipments. Dymo compatible 30256 labels sold from our online shop are available in numerous colors, including red, blue, yellow, orange, green and pink. These labels come with 300 labels per roll.

Aside from being perfectly sized for packaging shipments, these Dymo 30256 large shipping labels also perfectly used for everything from school name badges to medical facilities as well. They are perfect as multipurpose labels, return address labels, shipping labels and barcode labels. It can be used for envelope,mail,letters,and parcel.temporary and indoor signage. packaging and other retail uses.


2-5/16” x 4” - 30256 Dymo Compatible labels and it can be suitable for ALL Dymo Labelwriter printers and label makers: Dymo Labelwriter 450 ,Dymo 450 Turbo ,Dymo 450 Twin Turbo ,Dymo 450 Duo ,Dymo 4XL & Dymo Wireless Printer,400 ,330 , Rollo and Zebra label printers perfectly.


  • Label Dimensions: 2-5/16" x 4"(59mm x 101mm)
  • 300 labels per roll
  • Self-sticking permanent adhesive and BPA Free
  • FaceStock: Dymo 30256 Compatible Labels are bright, white, and they can also print darker. Smooth and tidy rolls make the printer fluently. Patented design enables easy and fast peeling, it is BPA free.
  • JAM-FREE: Betckey Labels are powerfully adhesive that is used to make it sticky and long-lasting. High-quality raw materials enable each label to stick to any surface tightly.
  • PERFORATED: We go above and beyond the standard labels sold online. Our premium labels are perforated to allow easier separation between your labels.
  • Offer a professional look and finish.
  • Good Value: Same performance as genuine 30256 red labels but more affordable.
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