Unique 2-color DK Labels: DK-2251 - Betckey Labels


You may wonder how to print 2 or multi-color with your Brother printers.The sad thing is that most of labels compatible with Brother QL printers are monochrome (black on white) only. But the DK-2251 label is the unique one.

What Is DK-2251 label.


The DK-2251 labels stand out for their unique ability to add color to your labeling tasks.

On your Brother P-Touch app, there are 2 color modes: Black/Red and Monochrome. The Black/Red mode is designed for DK-2251 labels. Unlike other DK labels that only allow for black ink printing, the DK-2251 labels enable you to print in both black and red ink on a white background. This provides you eye-catching highlight benefit.

DK-2251 Labels


What Printers Are DK-2251 Labels Compatible with?


Although DK-2251 labels, which are 2.4 inches x 50 feet, may seem nothing special compared to other Brother continuous labels like DK-2205, they are only compatible with three printers: Brother QL-800, Brother QL-810W, and Brother QL-820NWB.

Brother QL-800 printer, QL-810W printer, QL-820NWB printer

Why Are DK-2251 Labels Not Compatible with the Rest of Brother QL Printers?


The answer is simple.

Brother designed only those three printers that can print Black/Red, instead of all Brother QL printers.

You can check out the specifications of the BrotherQL-800 and Brother QL-1110NWB printers sourced from the Brother USA website.

The Brother QL-800 printer clearly mentions printing Black/Red, but the  QL-1110NWB printer does not.

Brother QL-800 specification, Brother QL-1110NWB specification

What Are The Benefits of Printing Black/Red with DK-2251 Labels?


Printing black and red provides you more benefits that help you to emphasize important information.

In Office

They can be used to mark folders, shelves, or equipment, making it easier to store items and keep track of inventory.

In Retail

DK-2251 labels can be used to create eye-catching product tags or pricing labels that stand out on the shelves.

At Home

Those can be used for organizing pantry items, labeling storage bins, or even creating personalized gift tags.

Benefits of Printing Black/Red with DK-2251 Labels

How to Print Black/Red with DK-2251 Labels?


You already know the benefits of printing Black/Red with DK-2251 labels, so you must want to know how.

It is very simple. Besides all the other necessary steps on your Brother P-Touch app and operation on Brother printers, you only need to do one more step before designing your labels: Change the Color Mode.

Just click on "Paper," and you will find "Paper Type" - "2-Color Mode/2-colour Mode." Then select "Black/Red" from the dropdown menu.

How to change to Black/Red on P-Touch

Now you can start designing.

If your design has already been created by others, you can simply select "Black/Red" from the dropdown menu for "Paper Type" when printing.

How to Print Black/Red with DK-2251 Labels



In conclusion, DK-2251 labels offer a unique solution for printing Black/Red that provides versatile benefits for marking, organizing, and catching the eye. They are only compatible with three printers: Brother QL-800, QL-810W, and QL-820NWB because Brother only designed those three printers with a two-color mode feature. Don’t forget to select "Black/Red" in the "Paper Type" section when designing or printing your labels.