About Us

It all started with a common problem. When our founder opened his first e-commerce business, he was struggled with labels because those original manufactured labels were too expensive for Start-ups and qualities of other affordable brands were terrible. So, BETCKEY started to create alternatives by optimizing products in 4 major aspects.

By adding additional production processes, all our labels are compatible with both American and European models of same brand printers, so our customers don’t need to pay for another model.

By adding perforation between each label for all our products wider than 36 mm, customers are able to easily tear off every single label instead of experiencing tearing messy when super busy.

By re-designing the last label of a roll as“No Glue Label”, our customers can avoid printer damage caused by detrimental adhesion of the last label.

By using the best glue, we are able to improve the Operation Temperature of Labels to -22℉~ 185℉,which is even better than original manufactured labels (-4℉~ 149℉) so our customers don’t need to deal with shipping lost because of terrible label adhesion in winter.

Today, as the leading supplier, we are so proud that our customers have exact same product as original manufactured one by paying 70% less. But the more exciting thing is we’ve seen many of our customers grow their business better every day.