Return Labels

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    Our return address labels not only bring that wow factor to your personal mail, but they also save time and help create a polished, professional appearance for your business shipments.

    Whether you're a mom sending out birthday party invitations, an entrepreneur promoting your new business, or a corporation looking for streamlined shipping materials, our address return labels cater to your every need.

    We offer a multitude of personalization options, from elegant fonts to vibrant colors and intricate designs, ensuring that your mail will make an unforgettable impression.

    98 products

    More About Address Labels

    Here's how to turn a sheet of data into address labels in Google Sheets:

    1. Click the Extensions menu
    2. Select Create & Print Labels
    3. Install the add-on if needed
    4. Reload the spreadsheet 

    A shipping label contains all the information that an address label does, plus more.