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Frequently Asked Questions

Email cs@betckey.com for online customer support


  • Reason:¬†The "Paper Size" set in the printer drivers, apps, and PDF files is different from the actual label size.
  • Solution: Change the label size to the correct size on ‚ÄúPage Setup‚ÄĚ. Set it up first if you don‚Äôt have it.

If the size you want is not in the drop-down menu, you can set your own size first.

  • Reason:¬†The paper size on the page setup is larger than the actual label size.
  • Solution:¬†Set up the correct size and change to the correct paper size.


Please contact us with a picture showing the size of the labels, and we will tell you.

All Customers: email us to cs@betckey.com

Order at Amazon:

Customers who are already or going to order BETCKEY products at Amazon can contact us either by Post-order or Pre-order 

See Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GLC8ZMBWMBTR6QZZ

Contact the BETCKEY Post-order:

  • Go¬†to¬†Your¬†Orders.
  • Find¬†your¬†order¬†in¬†the¬†list.
  • Select¬†Problem¬†with¬†order.
  • Choose¬†your¬†topic¬†from¬†list¬†displayed.
  • Select¬†Contact¬†seller.

Contact the BETCKEY Pre-order:

On any BETCKEY product detail page, select the name of the BETCKEY

On the next page, select Ask a question. Occasionally, the same product will be sold by different sellers. In such cases:

  1. Select New and Used on the product listing page to see the list of available sellers
  2. Select BETCKEY to contact to access the BETCKEY's profile page
  3. Select Ask a question.

Select the appropriate options in the Seller Messaging Assistant chat or fill out the contact form. Your message will be sent to the BETCKEY via the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. 

All third party labels are not compatible with 550 and 5XL because they have to use their own brand labels with their unique chips.

  • Reason:¬†The printer driver or PDF page size is larger than the actual size of the labels.
  • Solution:¬†Change the label size to the correct size on Page Setup. Same solution to Question 1 of Operation.

All current BETCKEY labels are made of paper, so they are water-resistant to a certain extent instead of waterproof.

No, all of the current BETCKEY labels are matte.


The perforation of the labels was made as deep as possible. Our experience has shown that the bottom sheet breaks easily when we make the perforation deeper. Please break it with a knife if you feel that it is difficult to tear.


No. Please do not tape BETCKEY direct thermal labels as the printed label will fade if taped.

  • Reason:¬†Printers incorrectly identify the size as DK -1207 (103mm x 164mm) instead of DK -1201 (102mm x 152mm)
  • Solution:¬†Correct to DK -1241 paper size 4 x 6 inches or 102mm x 152mm to resolve the "throws out two blank labels or machine errors" issue caused by incorrect default paper size DK -1247 when printing PDF or image files.
  1. DK -1241: Make sure you have set the paper size to 4 x 6 inches, or 102 mm x 152 mm.
  2. DK -1247: Make sure you have set 4.07 x 6.4 inches or 103 mm x 164 mm for the paper size.

For full set option that pre attached refillable cartridges, BETCKEY used individual packages instead of black plastic bags to store. It is ok if you store them at normal indoor environment that avoid exposing to sunlight directly.