Dymo Maker 450 Labels

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    The Dymo 450 labels are your perfect companion for labeling folders, making it easy to keep track of important documents. These durable and high-quality labels are designed to withstand various settings and enhance your organization needs. With just a few simple steps, you'll have these labels up and running in no time.

    37 products

    More About Address Labels

    Here's how to turn a sheet of data into address labels in Google Sheets:

    1. Click the Extensions menu
    2. Select Create & Print Labels
    3. Install the add-on if needed
    4. Reload the spreadsheetΒ 

    A shipping label contains all the information that an address label does, plus more.

    Our label adhesive has been tested and is currently the best-performing product of its kind.
    If labels fall off or do not adhere well, it is usually because the surface being stuck to is not smooth or has dust.
    You can test the adhesive strength by applying the label to paper or a bottle.

    Contact us immediately if application on paper or bottle fail.