Address Labels

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    These address labels are perfect for personal letters, professionals mailing invitations or packages. Make your mailings unique and memorable for every recipient.

    We use top quality materials and inks to print personalized address labels, so they are sure to catch anyone's attention. You can design the labels to your liking and show off your personality. From fun font styles and multiple color options to diverse shape variations, you can be as creative as you want!

    122 products

    More about address labels

    • Flag labels: Used to identify products, especially computer cables
    • Care labels: Permanent labels that contain care instructions and remain legible throughout the product's life
    • Thermal labels: Use a heating element to apply words or graphics to the label material
    • Thermal transfer labels: Use a ribbon to transfer images and words to the material, and are very long-lasting
    • Polypropylene labels: Resistant to heat, cold, liquid, steam, condensation, stains, and repeat handling 

    Here's how to turn a sheet of data into address labels in Google Sheets:

    1. Click the Extensions menu
    2. Select Create & Print Labels
    3. Install the add-on if needed
    4. Reload the spreadsheet 

    A shipping label contains all the information that an address label does, plus more.

    Here's how to create a template for address labels in Microsoft Word:

    1. Open a blank document
    2. Select the Mailings tab
    3. Select Labels
    4. Select Options
    5. Select New Label
    6. Type in a label name
    7. Make sure your page size is correct
    8. Enter your label height
    9. Enter the label width 

    The four main types of labels used by companies and small businesses are brand labels, informative labels, descriptive labels, and grade labels.