Shipping Labels

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    The extensive range of shipping labels is designed to suit your every need, whether you're a small-scale seller or a large enterprise. Choose from an array of versatile label materials, such as paper or adhesive vinyl, catering to different requirements.

    Our label sizes come in standard and customizable dimensions, fitting packages of all shapes and sizes. Plus, with their compatibility with well-known printer models, which exactly cover Brother, Dymo and Zebra, our labels allow you to print with confidence and ease.

    33 products

    More about Shipping Labels

    Such shipping labels with the prepaid delivery fee can be delivered online from the courier company's website. You will need to fill in the necessary data, indicate the shipping method, and make an online payment. The tag/label can be enclosed with the package and sent together by e-mail, or sometimes a QR code is provided.

    You can create and pay for a shipping label on the USPS website, then download and print it directly. USPS recommends using a high quality laser or inkjet printer with a minimum print resolution of 600 dots per inch (DPI).