Five ideas Dymo printer can save your time at work

If you’re anything like me, there are many different things waiting to get done when you get to the office. If you print labels with lots of information on them, you might prefer to get a printer purpose-built to spit them out quickly. Due to this reason, it’s necessary to use as many efficient tips as we can get our hands on. This is where Dymo LabelWriter excel. These printers connect to any computer via USB and print directly from Word, Excel, QuickBooks, and more. Follow these five tips for using a label printer to save your precious time at work.


1. Get organized with file folder labels.


You’re sitting at your desk, finishing up your today’s big project, when ding! a message comes in from your superior: “Can you find that customer file from four years ago? You and Tom from accounting worked on it, I think? They are thinking about setting up an appointment again.” Requirements like that always cause a moment of fear followed by a wasted day searching through old files. That is to say, until you use a Dymo printer to avoid wasted time . How? With organized label files and folder structures. Keep your paperwork sorted is a necessity, why not at least make it pretty? Keep away from the deluge of mess on your desk by printing professional-looking file folder labels immediately when you need them. Since the Dymo printer is handily at your side and already loaded with labels, you don’t have the trouble of searching for the irritating sheet labels and messing with special templates in a Word document. The Dymo label printer is easy to use and convenience…which unavoidably means you'll use it more often and keep your file folders more organized. Follow this link to find the best file folder labels we offer: DYMO 30277 file folder(2-up) Labels Size:9/16" x 3-7/16"(14mm x 87mm)


2. Access frequent fax numbers quickly.

Dose your office frequently send faxes? Why not print out a label with your most frequently used fax numbers directly onto the fax machine for easy access.


3. Maintain labeled binders.

Binders usually come only in a few colors, so keeping important information organized takes more than just knowing where they are. Keep your important information in binders with clearly labeled spines. Even if you have a lot of binders that need to be labeled, you’re only out the miniscule cost of the label. Remember: this printer is direct thermal, which means no messy ink cartridges. Follow this link to find the best binder labels we offer: DYMO 30252 Address & Barcode Labels Size:1-1/8" x 3-1/2"(28mm x 89mm)



4. Print postage quickly and easily.

Avoid wasting strength and money going to the post office for stamps and print postage when you can print them right from your desk using our: Dymo 1744907 Compatible 4XL Internet Postage Extra-Large 4" x 6" Shipping Labels 10 Rolls. Dose your office regularly send packages? It’s a great idea to spend on a postage scale to save a trip to the postal station. You can even schedule a courier pick up!


5. Organize shelves and storage.

Avoid your office becoming cluttered, use labels on storage bins and shelves. Not only will it better ensure each item is returned to its designated location after use, but it also will easy to find something the next time you need to. 

Betckey Labels Team