5 Christmas Marketing Tips for Small Business

We all know customers' inboxes will be flooded with marketing emails offering discounts. But don’t think marketing and discounts during Christmas are useless. In fact, customers are accustomed to receiving them on Christmas and other holidays or events. In other words, customers believe that brands offering special marketing, even with discounts during holidays, are a matter of course, something that is supposed to occur. And don’t forget that your competitors will do it too.

So it's time to prepare your marketing strategies for Christmas 2023. In this blog, we will share 5 marketing tips for the 2023 Christmas season.


1. Provide Gift-wrapping Service for Christmas Order

During the festive season of Christmas, a significant portion, accounting for 53% of total spending, is dedicated to purchasing presents. Therefore, offering a gift-wrapping service becomes a highly beneficial proposition at this time.

Customers who prioritize time and effort savings will particularly appreciate this service, a feature routinely extended by many renowned online retailers.

This becomes an ideal means of enhancing your service offering. People are generally inclined to pay extra for gift-wrapping services, especially on regular days, not to mention during Christmas—the prime time for sending and receiving gifts.

2. Use Count-down Timer for All Your Offers

Wherever you choose to showcase your special offers—whether on landing pages, social media, or in email campaigns—remember to incorporate a countdown timer. This adds a sense of urgency for individuals like me who are often caught up in last-minute decisions.

As someone accustomed to navigating last-minute choices, I recognize that I frequently miss out on offers I adore, assuming they'll remain valid until the end of the holiday. Time constraints contribute to these missed opportunities.

To address this, consider sending emails containing crucial Christmas-related details and a general discount. Given the prevalence of spam emails, it's essential to exert extra effort in crafting a creative and engaging message to prompt your subscribers to open it.

3. Use Christmas-related Package

Packaging stands as a crucial element in branding, making it a key component of your Christmas marketing strategy. However, completely revamping your packaging annually can be a challenging task. To address this, consider opting for a limited edition holiday packaging that serves as an adaptation of your current design.

Explore creative options such as introducing an advent calendar featuring select products or presenting a limited-time bundle adorned with new festive packaging. Maintain consistency with your bags and overall design, making subtle modifications that make a significant visual impact.

What kind of minor changes? Consider incorporating Christmas-themed stickers or labels. This simple and cost-effective approach can be achieved by designing and printing Christmas-related stickers online for free. Affix these stickers to your standard packaging to infuse a festive touch.

Check out Betckey labels that help you to create Christimas branding sticker.

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4. Offer Extra Value Like A Thank-you Card

Christmas revolves around the spirit of giving and receiving love. Why not add extra value for your customers this festive season, providing them with a perfect opportunity to enhance their holiday experience?

Presenting something for free serves as an effective method to captivate customers and drive delightful holiday traffic to your website. Consider offering trial-sized products, loyalty cards, points, rewards, or even complimentary shipping. However, it's crucial to infuse creativity and go beyond the typical free shipping offerings.

For small businesses that may not afford to provide free items, a handwritten thank-you card can still make a significant impact. In a world where typing and printing are easily accessible, anything crafted by hand or personally written holds value and resonance for everyone.

If providing a free item is not within your budget or if time constraints limit handwritten thank-you notes, consider at least sending a thank-you letter with the customer's name handwritten, adding a personal touch instead of printing all the content on the card.

5. Set Up A Holiday Referral Program

he holiday season is synonymous with strengthened bonds and festive gatherings, creating an atmosphere where everyone seems to be connected in some way. This makes it an opportune time to initiate a holiday referral program. In simple terms, this involves providing people with incentives for sharing your product or service with others.

A well-organized initiative that can help you:

  1. Expand your customer base.
  2. Increase brand awareness.
  3. Decrease customer turnover and cultivate long-term relationships with potential customers.

You might be hesitant, thinking, "I'm not sure about this idea. Referring already has a bad reputation."

But the truth is, referrals, which come in the form of recommendations from friends and family, influence as much as 90% of purchases.


In addition to the 5 marketing tips we've shared, there are many more campaigns to consider. However, remember, don't focus on finding the best tip; instead, think about the most suitable one. Regardless of the type of tip you plan to use, good faith is always the best approach.