How to Customize Barcode Online

In our previous blog post, we discussed the process of selecting the appropriate barcode labels. We received numerous inquiries from our customers who were interested in personalizing their own barcodes rather than relying on a production partner. In this blog post, we will delve into the topic of customizing your barcodes online.

1. Selecting the Ideal Online Barcode Generator

When you venture onto the internet in search of an online barcode generator, you'll encounter a multitude of options at the click of a button. These online barcode generator websites offer a range of functionalities, each with its own pricing structure.

Nevertheless, regardless of the specific online generator you opt for, the primary factor to prioritize is the barcode's scannability. After all, if a barcode cannot be scanned, it serves no purpose. The question then becomes: How can you determine and make the right choice?

The solution lies in opting for websites or generators that boast higher ratings and a larger volume of reviews. It's worth noting that some sellers may manipulate reviews, so the mere presence of reviews doesn't automatically equate to suitability for your needs. However, in a fast-paced business environment, no one wants to take the risk of investing more time than necessary.

Additionally, keep in mind the importance of selecting websites or generators that offer free trials.

2. Choosing the Right Barcode Format

Numerous barcode formats are available, including options like Code-128 and UPC-A, among others. However, not all of these formats are a perfect fit for your specific business needs. It's crucial to carefully select one or more formats that align best with your business requirements. Below, you'll find a concise overview of various barcode formats.

Certainly, here's a paraphrased version of the information about various barcode formats:

  • Code 3 of 9 Standard (Code 39): This is the most commonly employed barcode format, capable of storing any of the 43 standard alphanumeric characters, including capital letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and select punctuation marks.
  • Code 128: Recognized for its readability, Code 128 can store alphanumeric characters. It's a solid choice if you're thinking about implementing barcodes in your business.
  • Interleave 2 of 5: This barcode is limited to numeric data and is commonly used in industrial and master carton labeling.
  • Codabar: Codabar finds application in libraries and blood banks.
  • Code 93: Similar to Code 39, Code 93 allows you to store more characters per inch.
  • MSI Plessey: This barcode exclusively holds numeric data and is widely used in warehousing and inventory control.
  • UPC-A: A 12-digit fixed-length barcode often used in retail product labeling, with the first 6 digits unique to your business, assigned by GS1 US.
  • UPC-E: A 6-digit fixed-length barcode designed for small packages and paperback books in retail. It's a compressed code.
  • EAN/JAN-13: This barcode can store 12, 14, or 17 characters and is similar to UPC-A but allows for the inclusion of the first two digits of a country code.
  • EAN/JAN-8: Requiring 7, 9, or 12 characters, EAN/JAN-8 is akin to UPC-E and permits the inclusion of the first two digits of a country code.
  • US Postal Code (POSTNET): Used by the US Postal Service for mail delivery.
  • QR Code (Quick Response): A 2D barcode that can accommodate over 4,000 alphanumeric characters, providing ample space for storing substantial information.

3. Save Your Barcode

After generating your barcode, ensure that you save it as a "PDF file" to ensure high-quality printing of your barcode labels. At Betckey's label customization service, we've printed millions of barcode labels for our clients. While most of our customers send us PDF files, some newcomers to the business may not be aware of this requirement.

For those customers, we offer assistance in designing and saving their barcode labels as PDF files and subsequently handle the printing for them. If you have a substantial need for customizing a large quantity of barcode labels, please don't hesitate to contact us at: