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In the United States, wedding season kicks off in March because that's when spring, a popular time for weddings, begins. Spring is all about fresh starts, with blooming flowers and pleasant weather. If your business is connected to weddings, take a look at this blog for tips on creating wedding stickers using Canva.

1. Log in/Sign up

If you haven't signed up yet, create a Canva account. You can use your Google or Facebook  account for a fast and simple registration. After signing up, log in to your Canva account.

2. Search Relative Content

Start by going to the Canva homepage. Use the search bar to find the type of product you want to design, like "Wedding Stickers." This will show you templates made for that product.

If you prefer a more personal touch, choose the "Custom dimensions" option. Here, you can enter the exact width and height of your label in inches or pixels. This ensures a perfect fit for your specific packaging needs.

Relative Content

3. Select Blank or Template You Like

Canva has lots of things you can use, like text, pictures, and drawings. Before you begin changing things, get to know the toolbar on the left side. It has all these elements. The top menu bar helps you make more changes to your design.

Select Template

4. Edit Your Design

Go to the "Elements" tab on the left side and pick a background for your label. You can choose a solid color, a gradient, or put up your own picture. If needed, make the background a bit see-through to make the text and other things stand out better.

Next, go to the "Text" tab to easily add words to your label. Pick a font style that fits your label's purpose. Canva has many options like size, color, spacing, and alignment. Try different combinations until it looks just right.

Make your label look even better by adding pictures or drawings. Canva has a big collection of free and special pictures. You can also use your own images or search for the perfect drawings.

Click on anything in your design to change it. You can adjust the size, position, and color to make a label that looks good together. Canva lets you layer things, giving your design depth and making it just how you want it to look.

Edit Design

5. Download

When you're happy with your label, click the "Share" button at the top right, and pick "Download." Choose the kind of file you want (like PNG, JPEG, PDF), and decide how clear you want it (resolution). If you plan to print it, I suggest picking "PDF Print."


6. Print

To print the stickers you made, you'll need blank stickers. Take a look at Betckey's sticker papers – they have different shapes and sizes for you to pick from.


Now you know how to design and print your Wedding stickers on Canvas now. Just login, seach content, select template, edit design, download and print. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these waterproof?

No. Those stickers are mode of paper that are not waterproof. 

Are these handwritable?

Yes. Those sticker are made of papers so they are handwritable. 

Are these compatible with Other printers?

Yes. Those stickers are compatible with most laser and inkjet printers. 

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