How To Simplify Your Shipping at Home

If you want to simplify your shipping at home, you come to right place. This article we will tell you how to print shipping labels at home so that you don’t have to let your clients waiting.


Types of Shipping labels


At first, you’ll want to consider the necessary shape and size of your attainable shipping label. The shape and size of your label will of course be rely on your specific brand considerations and sensibilities.


The different kinds of labels include the following:


Don’t Separate Stickers: Need labels for special handling requirements that stand out? Labels of this kind of feature to help you package your products correctly. These bright red labels comes with strong permanent stickiness. Printed with bright red and designed to give a professional appearance to your packaging while still providing the necessary packaging information, even you'll start to feel impressed by your products!



Fragile Stickers: Now we’ve all seen this label, haven’t we? The purpose of this label is to tell the handlers of a package that the contents of said package are easily susceptible to damage. tells the handlers of the package to be extra careful with it. It could be a great idea to use this label so that the recipients of your package don’t open it to find a broken prize.



International Shipping label: As globalization shrinks the world it expands, for the small business owner, the realm of commerce. This kind of label will allow you to expediently send your product across the planet, hence affording your brand greater reach. Usually, these kinds of shipping labels will notify the contents of the package, which is essential for adhering to trade and customs regulations when shipping from one country to another. The label will also let the company charged with transporting the package know if high or low temperatures are capable of damaging the contents.


Keep Away from Small Children Stickers: Nobody ever wants to cause a child harm. With their clear and obvious warning to parents our stickers help you protect the customers’ kids. These labels limit the risk to your business by ensuring that all bags are clearly marked. Our stickers will stay on your products ensuring that the warning is in place upon arrival. These labels typically feature eye catching text.

It is critical that, should you choose to send such a package, you alert the carrier to its potentially dangerous nature. It is a matter of public safety that packages like this are properly labeled.




Designing Your Label

The goal of a shipping label is to describe the contents of a package, as well as the intended destination, and origin of said package. Outside of these basic elements, these labels may include things such as the weight and tracking barcode.


Pay particular attention to the design of the label. The reason being that labels without the proper shipping information are often returned to the sender or lost on the road. This is undoubtedly bad for business. Delayed packages can prevent customers from doing business with your brand in the future. Lord forbid they share their experience on a review site or with their friends. In spite of the old axiom, all publicity is not good publicity.


Label Printer Considerations

You’ll want to make sure that the label materials are suitable for your specific printer. Laser printers, and–-those more traditionally found in the home—inkjet printers don’t work well with every brand of shipping label. If you use a laser printer there is a strong chance that it will lead to the ink smearing across your label material. With inkjet printers there is a strong possibility that the shipping information will flake away.


Dymo brand printers are perfect for the ambitious entrepreneur, and are quite frankly some of our favorites. With products like the Dymo LabelWriter 450, you can print up to 51 shipping labels in one minute! What’s more, one roll of shipping labels will allot you 300 individual labels!


When you purchase a shipping label printer you receive in conjunction a shipping label design software. In this program, you can input the necessary shipping information into a template and create your shipping label. Then, after you’ve double checked your information, you can click print and put your package in the wind!


If you are in want of Dymo shipping labels and would like greater assistance in creating your own consider reaching out. Our customer service representatives are ready and willing to guide you through the process. You can reach us at