It’s Time to Consider Color Labels

In the world of business, it's absolutely vital to create a unique brand and be noticeable among your competitors in order to succeed. Color thermal labels offer a practical and budget-friendly way to boost your brand without sacrificing quality.

By meeting the specific labeling needs of businesses, these labels offer a fantastic chance to leave a lasting impression on your customers and potential clients.

Unlike ordinary black and white labels, these creative labels come in a variety of colors, making your products look more appealing and improving your brand's visibility.

Why Considering Color Labels?

1. Understanding Information

In numerous cases, incorporating a touch of color into your labels or forms can make a significant impact. Colors have the ability to guide people towards the instructions or information they need even before they actively search for it. Especially for products that come with instructions or a lot of additional details, using color to highlight this information can be the deciding factor between receiving a frustrated complaint or gaining a satisfied, repeat customer.

Based on findings from a Harris Interactive survey, approximately 75% of the respondents mentioned that they found it easier to visually sort through new information when it was presented in color, and nearly 70% noted that they comprehended information better when it was in color.

2. Capture Attention

Let's be frank here. For many people, if something isn't really noticeable, they won't pay much attention to it. A packaging label with vibrant colors grabs more attention than a plain black and white one. However, this principle isn't just about looks. According to the same Harris Interactive survey, 43% of the respondents are more likely to pay their bills on time, and 31% are more likely to pay the full amount when important information is highlighted with color on an invoice. Details like billing information, return instructions, website URLs, and due dates are much easier to spot when they're in color.

3. Increase Production Efficiency

In your everyday business activities, the use of color can enhance overall production efficiency.

But how does it work? Color serves as a valuable tool for distinguishing tasks and conveying essential information. You can minimize shipping errors by assigning specific colors to inbound and outbound shipments. By color-coding labels and task details, you save time and minimize errors because your employees won't need to consult manuals or lengthy instructions. Moreover, by communicating technical information through color coding, your operations teams can experience the benefits of their investment in color label printing within just a few weeks.

4. Brand Recognition

Setting yourself apart from your competitors can have a significant impact on consumers' product choices. Incorporating color into your labels provides a substantial advantage to your brand. As per information from, having a distinctive color that represents your brand can increase brand recognition by a whopping 80%.

Even in the realm of B2B (business-to-business) products, maintaining consistent branding and packaging holds significance. Often, purchasing decisions are made swiftly. Color has a special ability to stir emotions and trigger memories. By integrating color printing into your supply chain, you can leverage your well-established brand reputation in a more powerful and efficient manner.

5. Streamlined Printing Process

You might already be reaping some of the advantages of using color labels in your printing. However, it's likely that you're aware it comes with a slightly higher cost. If your color label printing procedures aren't seamlessly integrated, the return on investment (ROI) you're anticipating may not meet your expectations.

Efficiently implementing a color label printing process is crucial for maximizing that ROI. Simply choosing to print in color isn't sufficient. Brands and manufacturers can eliminate inefficient workarounds, such as ordering pre-printed color labels, by selecting the appropriate color label printing solution. With the right tools for color label printing, your operations team can generate high-quality color labels whenever needed. Additionally, label design and printing software like MarkMagic simplifies the task of designing and editing your color labels, taking just a few minutes of your time.

What Color Labels to Choose?


A lively and attention-grabbing color, red has the ability to instill a feeling of urgency. Red signifies qualities such as energy, courage, strength, and passion. Notably, it can also arouse appetites, making it particularly relevant for the food and beverage industries. However, it's important to keep in mind that red is a widely used color in packaging. Consequently, your product may easily get lost among the numerous other products that also utilize this color.


A color that conveys a sense of fun, sociability, and adventure – in simple terms, it's all about having a good time! However, it's worth noting that it can also be linked to products that are budget-friendly.



Yellow, the color reminiscent of sunshine, embodies feelings of happiness, hopefulness, positivity, and comfort. It also signifies rest and relaxation. This vibrant color immediately catches the consumer's attention. But it should be applied judiciously to avoid an excessively bold or aggressive impression.


This color signifies the natural world, a sense of freshness, serenity, and reliability. Green is an ideal choice for products aiming to highlight their environmentally friendly or health-related attributes. It also symbolizes rejuvenation and expansion.


Now, let's talk about blue – it's the most commonly employed color in packaging, and there's a good rationale behind that! Blue embodies consumer trust, tranquility, achievement, steadiness, and loyalty. It also represents an open-minded outlook and encourages productivity. Nevertheless, it may not capture as much immediate attention as some other vibrant colors.


This color is frequently selected for products aimed at a female audience, as it conveys elegance, delicacy, and empathy. Additionally, it is employed to convey a sense of enjoyment, which makes it a favored option for children's games and merchandise.


Represents a sense of calm, tranquility, purity, and impartiality. White is utilized to provide a soothing effect and convey a feeling of cleanliness and gentleness – which explains its frequent use in products like laundry detergents. It is commonly combined with another color for added effect.


Although understanding the psychological impact of colors is valuable, there are instances when you should prioritize the colors that align with the product's characteristics, which resonate with consumers on a personal level. With this perspective in mind, you can craft your label or shrink sleeve design to emphasize:

  • An ingredient: For instance, white can represent dairy products, red for items containing cranberries, and yellow for oils, and so on.
  • A season: Colors like green and yellow can evoke the freshness of spring, while white and grey can capture the essence of winter, and so forth.
  • A location or origin: Consider using royal blue to signify products from Quebec, or warm colors to represent Asian products, and so forth.