The Importance of Marking Label Model And Size on The Back- BETCKEY Labels

Many of you have wondered why BETCKEY started marking label models and sizes on the back of the backing paper in 2023. As you can see on picture below, we mark the model name and size for labels replace for Brother DK-2205, Dymo 30252 and Zebra 1” x 3” . The third picture is our European market version.


Dymo 30252

Zebra 1” x 3

We made this user-friendly decision for the following reasons.

Easy Identification:

Adding the label model and size on the back helps with easy identification. Think about having a stack of labels without any markings – it becomes a confusing puzzle. With clear information on the back, you can effortlessly pick the right label without any confusion.

Keep in mind that both Dymo and Zebra printing software require you to manually select or enter the label model and size. Checking the back allows you to know the size to select or enter. Also, Brother's printing software may have issues that could incorrectly identify the label size. In those situations, you'll need to manually switch to the correct label model and size.

Efficient Organization:

Whether you run a business or handle labels at home, being organized is crucial. Being able to quickly see the model and size of each label saves time and avoids mistakes. This is particularly important in busy environments where fast access to the correct label is necessary.

We often get requests from customers asking for help in identifying the label model and size. Sometimes customers ordered labels a while ago and forget the details. Other times, new employees inquire about the label model because the previous employee didn't provide that information.

Preventing Wastage:

Some customers are quite understanding. When they don't know the label size, they attempt to figure it out on their own. However, this often results in wasted labels, leading to increased label and time costs and decreased efficiency.

Avoiding Errors:

Another issue arises when customers attempt to identify label size through multiple tests, leading to printing errors. Such errors can be expensive, affecting both time and resources. Using labels without clear markings can result in mistakes during printing, labeling, or packaging. Marking the model and size helps minimize the likelihood of errors, contributing to a more efficient workflow.


Labeling the model and size on the back may appear as a minor detail, but its influence is substantial. From facilitating easy identification to preventing errors and wastage, plays a crucial role in efficient label management. All in general, we want our customer use our labels as easy as possible.