Why Betckey Labels Are Not Compatible with Mini Portable Printers/Receipt Printers

Many of our customers have asked us whether Betckey labels are compatible with certain mini portable label printers such as the Phomemo M110, portable label makers, or receipt printers. The answer is a bit tricky: yes and no.


"The 'No' is due to the label diameter. The outer diameter of current Betckey products ranges between 4 to 5 inches. However, the outer diameter limitation of those small portable printers or receipt printers is between 1.5 to 3 inches."


The 'Yes' is due to the decrease in diameter. If the reason for incompatibility is that Betckey labels are too large, then they become compatible when the label rolls decrease in size. For instance, Betckey 2” x 2” labels are packaged as 750 labels per roll. However, when they are reduced to 150 labels per roll, the outer diameter decreases significantly due to the fewer labels.


If you're interested in using Betckey labels on small printers, it's advisable to first use most of the labels on larger thermal printers and then attempt to use them on smaller printers, ensuring the label roll fits.


However, remember, it's crucial to check the label width. Most small printers have a maximum print width of less than 3 inches. Therefore, Betckey labels wider than 3 inches, such as 4 x 6 labels, are entirely incompatible.


Ensure you check the printer’s maximum print width before ordering labels. This recommendation isn't exclusive to Betckey users but applies to all individuals using third-party labels.