B2B Referral Program


Dear all Betckey Labels enthusiasts, we are thrilled to announce our B2B referral program:

The referrer (you) will receive either a 3% commission or a 5% extra discount on every order placed by the referee (new customer).

For example, if the new client you referred placed a $100,000 order with Betckey every year, you will receive:

  • Either a $3000 commission every year
  • Or a $5000 extra discount on your next order with Betckey every year.

Refer once, enjoy benefits forever!

How It Works?

We want this program to be simple, so there's no need to sign up.

When new customers reach out to us, instruct them to:

  • Include your full name and a convenient email address in the email.
  • Or, they can cc you as well if you don't mind.

For example:

"Hi Betckey, this is XXX from XXX company referred by Ryan Edward, email: ryane@xxx.com."

Following that, we will either send you a confirmation email or "Reply All" to confirm you as the referrer. This will involve:

  • Requesting your bank account information for transferring commission.
  • Or asking for your company name to provide an extra discount.

How to Track?

We will create a personal file for each referrer to record the commission you earned or the discount not yet redeemed whenever a new order or transaction occurs.

Feel free to check with the new customer you referred and contact us if there are any discrepancies.

Why Join This Referral Program?

Nothing is better than a win-win cooperation.

  • You will continue to receive passive income without having to work hard, or you can keep receiving discounts on your company’s label orders to enhance your purchasing or procurement performance.
  • The company or individuals you refer will gain a new reliable supplier that provides premium labels at an affordable price. They won’t need to spend time and take risks in searching, contacting, and negotiating with new vendors.
  • We, the seller, gain more business, allowing us to provide more resources in the future that will be beneficial to everyone.

How to Refer Betckey

In order to save you time and effort, we will provide both a reference email template and a brochure that discusses Betckey.

Feel free to download them at the bottom of this page and modify them as you see fit.

Download Brochure

Download Email Template 

Special Note

  1. Betckey complies with business ethics, so we don’t offer kickbacks for any business from the company or institution you are currently working for.
  1. When your label order balance goes down to zero but there are still extra discounts that haven’t been redeemed yet, we will leave them for your future orders.