Exploring Brother Labels 04: What Labels, Features, And Benefits Does Brother Offer?



Many of your have asked us, how many direct thermal labels Brother offer and what’s the benefit. It is understandable that you guys find very hard to collect, organize and analyze all those different sizes direct thermal labels Brother offer. Researching on internet page by page is realy annoying. In this blog, we will tell your most popular size labels Brother offer and their benefits and application.

Brother labels offer almost all regular types of labels including, but not limited to: small address labels, standard address labels, large shipping labels, round labels, square labels, barcode labels, name badge labels, file folder labels, and large multipurpose labels. Among all these labels, let’s explore them through different size range.

Small Size Labels: Address, Barcode and File Folder Labels


address label

Address Labels

Brother offers small address DK-1201 (1.1" x 3.5"). Address labels or return address labels are designed to print addresses of both sender and receiver. They are generally placed on the top left corner of envelopes or packages. They provide the sender's address, making it easy for recipients to know where the mail came from and for undelivered mail to be returned to the correct address.

You may wonder why not use 4" x 6" shipping labels? You are right, 4" x 6" shipping labels are large enough to contain address and return address on one label, but don’t forget that sometimes you may need to mail envelopes and cards as well instead of parcels and packages only.

And don’t forget that you may want to print your logo and brand image on 4" x 6" labels for less cost compared to customized ordering boxes with logos, so additional labels with addresses only help you not only enhance brand identity but also save costs.

Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels

Brother offers barcode labels DK-1209 (2.4" x 1.1"). Barcodes are not just for use at the check-out counter when you’re buying groceries: This simple, decades-old technology has become more popular in recent years and is now one of the most widely used organizational building blocks across all businesses and industries.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to upgrade your company’s supply chain management system due to unnecessarily high holding costs, or a hospital administrator who recognizes that your current method for administering medicine is outdated or ineffective, you can look to barcodes which are shockingly simple to utilize, easy to produce and versatile in their capabilities.

File Folder Labels

file folder label

Brother offers file folder labels DK-1203 (0.66" x 3.4"). It is a replative slender labels that usually stick to the file folder to help users organize large amounts of paperwork at home, including tax ID cards, social security information and birth certificates.

Labeling files containing important papers in your home is important if you ever need to find them in an emergency. Many of you must experienced the rough time that getting flooded by overwhelming file folders. So sticking labels to organize is a good solution.

Medium Size Labels: Multi-purpose And Name badge labels


Multi-purpose Labels

multiple-purpose label

Brother labels also have one of the most popular multipurpose labels 4" x 2" DK-1240.

For middle-sized labels like DK-1240 4" x 2" labels, they are very versatile for users. If your product or package is small, those labels can be used as shipping labels with sender, recipient, and barcode on it.

If your product or package is pretty big, then you can use those labels as decoration with your brand logo.

Name Badge Labels

Name Badge Labels

Brother labels also have name badge labels: DK-1202 2.4" x 3.9". Name badges break the ice. They make social or work environments less awkward by giving people an easy way to address each other. Plus, in a work setting, they add a layer of security by identifying who's supposed to be there. Keep things smooth by pre-printing badges for all registered attendees.

Large Size Labels: Large Shipping Labels


Large Shipping Labels

large shipping label

Brother also offers large shipping labels with sizes 4" x 6" (DK-1241),  4" x 100’ (DK-2243), and 4.07" x 6.4" (DK-1247). Those sizes are the most popular shipping label sizes in the USA adopted by almost all major carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

And the 4 inches wide 100 feet long continuous labels DK-2243 are special. By ordering this versatile label, you can both print and cut  4" x 6" standard large shipping labels or even 4" x 8" extra-large shipping labels with more designs, such as your catchy design and product information.

Special Size Labels: Round And Square Labels


Round Labels

Round Labels

Brother labels have round DK-1218 (φ1") labels, and they provide the following features and benefits:

Your customer usually feels more positively about circles because they represent togetherness and love, as psychologists have mentioned.

Round stickers are ideal for delivering fun and simple messages.

And they are more suitable for certain products, like the lid of a jar or the top of a container.

Square Labels

square labels

Brother labels also have square label DK-1221 (0.9" x 0.9") labels, and they provide the following features and benefits:

They are ideal labels for printing QR codes.

Square labels are eye-catching because of their aesthetic attractiveness, made possible by their symmetrical and balanced design.

Those square labels are good for organizing because of their visually appealing attributes that draw customers' attention among all the products on the shelf.

Multipurpose Labels



Brother labels offer different size of labels based on size but more aim to application. There are smaller size labels for address, return address, barcode and file folder. There are mid-size multi-purpose labels for general purpose or name badge labels. And there are also large shipping labels for carrier like FedEx and UPS.

But if you need more special labels like film, color or printing black and red in white labels, check out our other blog with more detail.