How to Fix Issue of Printed Image Blurry

Bascially there are 3 main reasons: 

1. Your printing source is not PDF file but JPG, PNG. 

2. The printing speed and density (darkness) setting doesn't not match what you need. \

3. Printer's head is dirty

So there are 3 solutions: 

1. Convert your image file to PDF file format. 

2. Adjust your printing speed and density (Darkness). 

3. Clean your printer's head. 

See instruction of how to adjust printing spped and density (Darkness) below for both Mac and Windows. 

For Mac

  • Choose printer features: File→Print→Printer Feature (Preview)→Printer Setting(General)
  • Adjust the Darkness, Try to choose low rate while high Darkness


For Windows:

Settings -> Devices -> Printers and Scanners -> (Your Printer) -> Manager -> Printing Preferences -> Page Setup -> Speed & Darkness

Adjust the Darkness, Try to choose low rate while high Darkness.


Some printers need to reset after adjusting the printing speed and density/darkness.

So check your user manual of printer or try to contact your printer manufacture customer service about how to reset the printer.

3. Clean Your Printer's Head 

Wipe the printer's head with alcohol wipes or wet tissues.

If you still print blurry image after following all steps above, email us to: for more help. 

Or check out FAQs for more questions and answers: 


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