How to Solve Issue of Printing Blank Labels

If you print blank labels, there are mainly 2 reasons:

1. The labels were loaded upside down.

For All Customers:

Please ensure your labels are properly loaded that the tearable side up.

For Brother DK-Series Customers:

Check if the black identification marks on the back were not printed correctly

For Dymo Series Customers:

Check if the holes between the labels were not punched completely.

Check if the black identification marks on the back were not printed correctly

2. Printer set up size does not match actual label size. 

Change printer set up size to match actual label size. 

See instruction below the No. 3

3. If all above are correct, check your printer by printing a self-test page

① Press FEED (green/red light/biggest) button and hold;

② Release after you hear two or several consecutive beeps.

The printer will print a self-test page.

Instruction: How to Change printer set up size to match actual label size.

(Windows User, Mac User, P-Touch User, Adobe User)

This usually happens to Brother DK-1209, DK-1241 & DK-1247

For Windows User: 

Go to the ‘printer preferences’ -> ‘advanced’ -> ‘paper size’, select the correct size for the printer (please select the 4x6 inch or 100*150mm)

For Mac User:

Select correct size on "Paper Size" in the print dialogue. For instance, you should choose the 4 x 6" for 4 x 6 labels (eg. DK-1241, Dymo 1744907).

Note: You can use the presets settings to permanently save these specific printing settings and avoid repeated setup.

Brother P-Touch User (Eg. DK-1209 62mm x 29mm)

Paper’ -> ‘Media Size’ 

 Adobe PDF File Set Up. (Eg. DK-1209 62mm x 29mm)

File’ -> ‘Print’ -> ‘Page Setup’, select the correct size for the printer (Eg. 62mm x 29mm for DK-1209)

If the issue still not resolved after following all steps above, please contact our customer service team with:

  1. A full photo of the package with the bar code label
  2. A photo of the defective label with miss printed black identifications marks on the back or holes between labels were not punched completely
  3. Let us know how many rolls you received have this issue

We will send you replacement labels immediately.

So please confirm your name, phone number and shipping address for shipment.
With the above information, we will file a customer complaint and inform our manager about this serious product quality problem.