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About Our Product

Betckey 30 up Address Labels 

Designed for laser and inkjet printers, these labels ensure smooth, jam-free printing for efficient labeling.

Use with the popular Avery® 8160® template for hassle-free formatting and printing. 

Create professional, easy-to-read shipping address labels for all your packages.

Labels stay securely in place on your packages throughout the shipping journey.

Learn More Faqs about Avery® 8160® template

01. What is an Avery® 8160® Template?

An Avery® 8160® Template is a pre-designed label layout specifically created for use with Avery® 8160® brand labels, the most popular label template in the United States.

This template provides a quick and easy way to create and print custom address labels for envelopes, postcards, and other mailing pieces.

The Avery® 8160® Template simplifies the label creation process, ensuring that your labels are perfectly aligned and sized for the corresponding Avery® label product.

 Whether you need to create return address labels, shipping labels, or any other type of label, the Avery® 8160® Template provides a convenient and reliable solution.

02. What is the size of Avery® 8160® labels?

The Avery® 8160® Address Template features labels measuring 1" x 2 5/8"

03. How many labels are on a sheet of Avery® 8160® ?

There are 30 labels on each sheet of Avery® 8160® address labels.

04. Do Avery® 8160® labels work on any printer?

Avery® 8160® labels are designed for seamless use with both inkjet and laser printers, offering flexibility and convenience in printing.

05. What labels are equivalent to Avery® 8160® ?

Betckey 30up sticker paper is a compatible equivalent to Avery® 8160® labels.

06. How do i download Avery® label templates for free?

Betckey offers a wide selection of free templates compatible with Avery® 8160® labels.