Do you want Permanent Label or Removable Label?

If you are new to using label, you might get confuse about this question? What are permanent label and removable label? Do I have to make a choice among them? I thought the label is label.

When I just enter this label industry, I have totally identical questions like you guys. Basically, the permanent label is just regular labels that hard to be removed. The removable labels are special labels that easily be removed without leaving residual that widely used on food and clothing industry.

This article is about to help you explore more choice on labels to help your business and career of sourcing.

What is Label Adhesives

A label that can stick to any surface is created with specific adhesives, and the type of adhesive used can vary depending on the situation. There are two primary adhesive types: permanent and removable, and the materials used to create each can also vary. The decision on which material to use depends on the intended purpose of the label, the type of adhesive required, and the desired lifespan of the label.


What Is Permanent Adhesive Labels

The most prevalent kind of label is the permanent adhesive label, which can be more economical. These labels are designed to be non-removable, and removing them usually necessitates the use of specific solvents that can damage the label in the process. As a result, it is recommended that you are sure of where you want to apply the label before doing so. Permanent adhesive labels are suitable for use on materials such as films, corrugated board, and non-polar surfaces.

Eg. Betckey DK-2205 2.4 in x 100 ft. (62mm x 30.48m) continuous permanent label. 


What Is Removable adhesive Labels

Removable labels are an ideal solution when a temporary label is required and can be utilized in various contexts. They consist of a specialized adhesive that adheres firmly enough to the surface material, but also allows the label to be removed without leaving residue or causing any damage. Removable labels are particularly useful for providing temporary information, such as changing prices for items like stock.

Eg. Betckey DK-4205 2.4 in x 100 ft. (62mm x 30.48m) continuous removable label. 


When, Where And How to use Permanent labels?

The majority of labels and stickers are typically produced using permanent adhesive, which is less expensive than removable adhesive and forms a strong bond with most surfaces. These labels cannot be easily removed and require soaking, scraping, or another method of removal.

Permanent adhesive labels are useful for several purposes:


Branding product labels that remain on boxes and shelves without curling or peeling is perfect use of permanent labels because you need to make sure your brand is always on your customers’ eyes.


Asset tracking and security labels that protect expensive equipment and food items.


Shipping labels that keep packages secure during transit is another great usage. In order to make sure you packages deliver to your customers, you need to make sure bar code and shipping information on labels are scanable and readable instead of missing.


Warning and safety labels are also suitable that are widely used on good and drug industries. You don’t want staff create accidents because warning labels peel off.


When, Where And How to use Removable labels?

Removable labels can be easily peeled off without leaving residue or causing damage to the packaging. It's important to note that both permanent and removable adhesives tend to increase their bonding strength over time. This means that if items are stored for a long period, a removable label may become more difficult to remove. The removability of a label depends on the condition of the applied surface and the storage environment of the container.


If you sell products like candles where customers may want to reuse the containers, removable labels are a perfect choice. However, if you offer lower-priced items and are not concerned about customers needing to remove bottle labels, permanent labels may be more suitable.

Removable adhesive labels are well-suited for:


Product labels and price tags that customers don't want on display items like flower pots or picture frames. Otherwise your customer may get mad when struggling to remove permanent labels with residual and damaged labels.

Medical charts and specimens that require frequent updating because you may need to keep recording the test result.


Production: Where stickers are commonly applied to items like apples or oranges, removable labels are necessary as they must be removed before consumption.

Recyclable or reusable containers: Sustainable containers are increasingly popular. For example, if you’re selling a line of salsas in Mason jars, many customers are likely to reuse the jar. Removable adhesive labels make that easier. Additionally, green packaging and recyclable options often require label removal before processing. Providing removable adhesive labels and helping people live better is simply good customer service.

Reusable or recyclable containers, such as those used for sustainable packaging or Mason jars for salsas, removable adhesive labels make it easier for customers to reuse the containers or for green packaging that requires label removal during processing. Providing removable adhesive labels aligns with good customer service and supports a better customer experience.

Pros and cons: Permanent Labels vs. Removable Labels.

Permanent Labels:


Permanent labels provide a strong, long-lasting bond that can withstand various environmental conditions. They are ideal for use on products that will be stored for a long time or shipped long distances, as they are less likely to come loose or fall off and they often more cost-effective than removable labels.



Permanent labels cannot be easily removed without causing damage to the surface or leaving residue behind. And they are not suitable for products that require frequent label changes, as removing and replacing them may be difficult.

More oever, permanent labels may not be suitable for products that require temporary labeling or information updates.

Removable Labels:


Removable labels can be removed without leaving a residue or damaging the surface they were applied to. So they are perfect for temporary labeling needs and for products where the label needs to be changed frequently.They are suitable for labeling reusable or recyclable containers and labeling medical charts and specimens that require frequent updating.



Removable labels may not be suitable for long-term labeling needs as their bonding strength may increase over time, making them difficult to remove. They may not be ideal for labeling items that need to be shipped, as they may fall off during transit.

And they are generally more expensive than permanent labels.