5 Creative Retail Packaging Ideas

When brands invest the effort to approach packaging in a unique manner, their products can genuinely distinguish themselves in a saturated market.

This is precisely why we've crafted this blog.

Our intention is that the following five instances serve as a wellspring of ideas for your upcoming product development and packaging design endeavors. We hope they embolden you to adopt a more audacious approach when showcasing your own products.

1. Be Interactive

In the realm of milk, the market is saturated, making it a challenge to make a distinct impression on the store shelf. To tackle this, the creative minds at Depot Branding Agency took a unique approach by employing a whimsical cat design that transforms the packaging into an engaging toy.

The portrayal of a blue cat is deconstructed into segments, spanning all four sides of the Milgrad milk carton, featuring a variety of designs. This packaging can be utilized akin to building blocks, allowing for the construction of various images. This innovative interactivity adds an irresistible and engaging dimension to the product.


2. Be Attractive

The packaging design for Woolf Sung Scotch undoubtedly exudes a sense of darkness and enigma, effectively capturing the inherent character of whiskey itself.

The bottle is skillfully adorned with an artfully crafted label, featuring intricate and profound depictions of a man and a wolf on the front, along with an elegant map on the reverse side.

A label encircling the neck of the bottle imparts crucial details about the whiskey-making process, offering just enough information to educate while also leaving room for imagination.

The packaging exudes an aura of grandeur and elegance, a sentiment that carries through to the box enfolding the bottle. A matte black box, embellished with a modestly ornate metal-plated engraving of the brand name, enshrines the whiskey in a compelling shroud of darkness.

This design masterfully accentuates an aura of secrecy, successfully invoking intrigue. If you're in search of a refined bottle of scotch, your quest ends here.

3. Be Funny

Craft beer is currently enjoying popularity, and the same holds true for craft cider — and this is where Ciderie Milton steps into the picture. This Canadian brewery takes cider seriously, and its commitment extends to its packaging choices.

The designs exude a gentle, understated elegance, contributing to an enjoyable drinking experience from the moment the cap is removed until the final sip is taken.

The neck of each Cid cider bottle is adorned with a vibrant orange label showcasing the bold 'Milton' wordmark in white font.

Encircling the base, a label with a matte finish enwraps the bottle. The color varies according to the cider type — silver, pink, green, or black. This simple yet refined label immediately invites and captivates.

The focal point of this label is a delicate and intricate design, rendered in soft white and grey shades. The term "Cid" gracefully blends into the background using a playful, curly white font. Positioned below the illustration is the cider type, presented in a commanding serif font.

This design finds the perfect balance between playfulness, simplicity, and enjoyment. 

4. Be Trendy


Crafting your package using trendy elements presents an excellent opportunity to captivate the attention of your customers. Take, for instance, the utilization of color gradients.

Color gradients have emerged as a fashionable design choice in recent years, not only within packaging but also in the realm of product design. This ingenious approach seamlessly blends two colors, potentially even giving rise to an entirely novel shade. By doing so, packaging gains a distinctive edge, introducing a fresh dimension to the design and infusing a sense of authenticity into the object. To put it simply, gradients introduce a sense of depth.

The allure of a color gradient lies in its ability to capture the gaze through subtle shifts in color. This phenomenon is rooted in our evolutionary development, where our survival hinged on distinguishing even the most minute variations in color—crucial for distinguishing between edible and poisonous berries, for instance.

However, it's important to exercise restraint. Opt for a dual-color scheme and avoid excessive complexity.


5. Be Creative

Source: Yanko Design

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