5 Creative Small Business Packaging Ideas

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5 Creative Small Business Packaging Ideas

To differentiate themselves in the competitive ecommerce market, small businesses can utilize customized packaging as a means of creating a memorable purchasing experience and fostering brand loyalty.

This article provides guidance on how to personalize both external shipping boxes and internal product packaging materials, including average costs, useful examples, and resources to aid in the process.

External Packaging Customizations

In the context of ecommerce, shipping containers can be likened to storefronts, and a carefully crafted shipping box can create a favorable initial impression and convey the desired perception of the brand to the customer, much like an eye-catching window display.

1. Completely Customized Packaging

Fully customized packaging refers to shipping containers such as boxes or mailers that are personalized to represent your brand both inside and outside. These packages extend beyond simply adding a logo and provide a more engaging experience for the customer.

While it is a pricier option, this type of packaging can make a significant impact on increasing brand awareness, particularly through social media shares and unboxing videos. Fully customized packaging is generally utilized for higher-end products or subscription services.


  • To create impactful fully customized packaging, businesses can incorporate a distinctive and creative logo that is not only eye-catching but also reflects their brand identity.
  • Experimenting with unique shapes, such as geometric designs, can add an elegant touch to the packaging
  • Incorporating textures that align with the company's color scheme can also enhance the overall presentation.
  • It is important to avoid copying competitors or successful brands as this can have a negative impact on the target audience's perception of the company.

2. Put designed stickers on your boxes


To increase appeal to potential customers with customized boxes, businesses can consider using custom stickers. By tailoring the stickers to the target audience, businesses can create a more engaging experience.

For example, for masculine products, adding vinyl stickers with puns or sarcastic jokes can be effective, as research indicates that men are drawn to products with humorous packaging.

On the other hand, for feminine products, glossy, elegant, or floral stickers can be more appealing, as women are more likely to purchase products with these types of designs on their packaging.




Internal Customization

Small businesses can also customize the inside of their packages as a packaging idea by incorporating creative touches. This can involve using custom stickers or tags, branded void fill such as tissue paper, or unique product boxes.

Customizing the interior packaging provides another chance to create a memorable unboxing experience, enhance brand recognition, and elevate the product offerings.

3. Inner Packaging

To enhance the product packaging and give it a personalized touch, small businesses can wrap individual products within their packages. This demonstrates to customers that their order is important and valuable, and that the business took care with their purchase. This attention to detail can differentiate the brand from competitors and provide an additional opportunity to incorporate branding through customized materials.

For example, clothing can be wrapped in tissue paper, glass goods can be placed in well-protected boxes, and jewelry can be packaged in small, cushioned containers. Some products may require extra protection, while others may simply look better when wrapped.



4. Small Gifts or Free Samples

One of the most effective ways to make an impact on customers is by offering free products. Adding a product sample or a small gift to your packages can increase overall customer satisfaction, and provide a great opportunity to promote your brand further.

Product samples allow customers to try out your offerings and encourage repeat purchases as well as increased basket size. Simple gifts such as decals, koozies, or keychains can be customized to display your logo, turning customers into brand ambassadors wherever they go. Additionally, such bonuses promote a sense of value and encourage a connection to the brand.

5. Cards or Thank-you Notes

One simple and affordable method to personalize your small business packaging is by including a handwritten thank-you note, a preprinted card signed by you, or a coupon voucher for your customers' future purchases.

These cards and notes provide a chance for customers to connect with your business and help them to remember your brand in the future. It also adds a personal touch to ecommerce orders, strengthening an emotional connection.