Is Brother DK-1201 Label Compatible with Brother QL 600 Label Printer

Recently we received a question from one of our uses related to label compatibility: Whether DK1201 is compatible with Brother QL 600. Right, exactly our topic today. Actually, not only this user, many other users also run into similar uncertainties regarding compatibility when choosing labels, so we decided to write an article to clarify this for all our users.

First, I’d like to inform you with some basic information about Brother DK-1201 Compatible Address Labels and Brother QL 600 Label Printer and then we will move to the compatibility features of Brother QL 600 Label Printer. With the whole picture in your heart, you can easily know whether a type of label is compatible with a certain label printer on your own!

Brother D-1201 label and Brother QL600 LabelPrinter

Brother DK-1201 Compatible Address Labels

Betchey DK-1201 compatible address labels are versatile and ideal for home or small office use, perfect for addressing, mailing, and organizing tasks. Available with both permanent and removable adhesives, these labels offer high quality at a more affordable price compared to Brother's original labels. They ensure durability and a sharp appearance, making them a cost-effective alternative without compromising performance.


  • Label Size: 1.1"x 3.5" (29mm x 90mm)
  • Label rolls: Die Cut
  • Number of labels: 400 per roll

Brother QL 600 Label Printer

Brother QL 600 label printer is a PC-connected device designed for creating labels for file folders, envelopes, ID labels, and more. With its unique auto die-cut feature, this label printer offers ease of use by eliminating the need for manual tearing.


  • Print Speed (labels/minute): Up to 44 standard address labels per minute with black text at 300 dpi2
  • Label Rolls:Die Cut/Continuous
  • Label Width: 2.4"
  • Print Width: 2.3"
  • Label Length: 3 feet

Compatible or Not?

Whether a type of label can fit a certain printer is closely related to two aspects: the identification method of the label printer and the label specifications. The identification method ensures that a specific label can be recognized by the printer, while the label size determines if it can physically fit into the printer.  

Identification Method

A Brother label printer uses holes on the cartridge to identify the label type.

 Different hole patterns correspond to different printing sizes. By selecting the desired size on your computer, you can easily set up the printing dimensions. After placing the cartridge in the correct position, you need to click the appropriate settings on the computer, and the printer will start printing. FYI, the black marks on the side of the labels do not identify the labels but serve as a reminder when the paper runs out.

Note: If you click the “print” button and the printer does not start, check if the correct size is set. Unlike other printers, Brother label printers have a function that prevents printing if the wrong size that is beyond the Maximum compatibility is selected.

Label Specification

This aspect is more straight and easier to understand. You simply need to ensure that the range of label sizes you are using fits within the specifications of the label printer.  

Brother DK-1201s compatibility

Now that you have all the "theories" on you, can you answer the question for this user? 

Okay, time’s up. Let’s reveal the answer.

The answer is yes. Brother DK-1201 is particularly designed for Brother QL series label printers. So you just need to know whether the label size can fit in. The DK-1201 measures 1.1" x 3.5" (29mm x 90mm), and it is compatible with the Brother QL 600 Label Printer, which has a maximum print width of 2.3", comfortably accommodating the 1.1" label width of the DK-1201.


In conclusion, the Brother DK-1201 labels are compatible with the Brother QL-600 label printer.  The label size and identification method are within the specifications required by the printer. Next time you need to determine if a label is compatible with a specific label printer, just check the identification method and label specifications, and you won’t go wrong!



What else label printers is DK 1201compatible with?

Except for Brother QL-600, DK 1201 is also compatible with all other Brother QL series label printers.

Is Brother DK 1208compatible with Brother QL-600?

Yes. The label size of Brother DK 1208 is 1.4" x 3.5" (38mm x 90mm), which is within the maximum print width of Brother QL-600.


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