Pros v. Cons - Brother Continuous Label

Wondering if Brother continuous labels are the right choice for you? You’ve come to the right place. The following article will answer your questions.

What are Brother Continuous Labels?


Brother continuous labels

Brother Continuous Label is a type of labels that only works with Brother label printers, which require a cartridge to operate. Because Brother label printers have an automatic cutting feature, the labels do not need to be pre-cut and this is why they are called “continuous”.

Now that you have a basic understanding of Brother Continuous Label, you definitely want to know their strengths and weaknesses to better decide whether you need them or not. So now let’s talk about their pros and cons!

Pros of Brother Continuous Labels


Versatile uses of Brother continuous labels

Brother continuous labels are flexible in label length and are versatile in various applications. Due to their continuous design, you can freely choose the label length and the number of cuts according to your needs, all from a single roll. Whether you need return labels, barcode labels, address labels, or more, you can use your imagination with Brother continuous labels!

Picture yourself as a small business owner running a bustling online home office. One day, you're preparing a shipment of various-sized packages. With Brother continuous labels, you effortlessly adjust the label length as needed—printing a long, detailed shipping label for a large box destined across the country. The next morning, you switch gears to print file folder labels to organize office documents. Whether you're labeling a thick dossier with detailed information or a slim file for quick identification, these labels allow you to print precisely what you need. 

And how about other brands of labels? Mainstream labels like Zebra and Dymo are pre-cut and designed for specific purposes. They do not offer free-cut capabilities. This means if you need different sizes, you would have to switch to another roll of the appropriate size.

Cons of Brother Continuous Labels


Prices of Brother DK 2243, Dymo1744907, and Zebra 400600

However, it’s important to note that there are trade-offs as well. The prices of Brother continuous labels are higher due to their more complicated production process, so users have to bear higher label costs for their businesses. For instance, one roll of Brother DK-2243, which can make 200 4”x6” labels, sells for $12.99, whereas Dymo 1744907 sells for $8.99 and Zebra 400600 for $7.99. Additionally, both Dymo 1744907 and Zebra 400600 contain more than 200 4” x 6”labels per roll.

What’s more, as previously mentioned, specific Brother printers are required to operate Brother continuous labels, so you might need to invest in a new printer if you don’t already have one.


So, are Brother continuous labels the right choice for you? If you value flexibility and the ability to customize your label sizes, they are a fantastic option. However, if cost is a major concern, you might need to consider whether the benefits outweigh the higher price. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the pros and cons of Brother continuous labels, making it easier for you to decide if they are the right fit for your labeling needs.

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