Top 6 Creative Ways to Use Sticker Paper in Craft Projects

There are various varieties of sticker printer paper on the market. From individually cut sheets to rolls with multiple stickers attached. Some come equipped with kiss-cut edges that leave their backing paper intact, while others utilize die cuts that cut through both layers simultaneously.

Holographic sticker papers make an easy and eye-catching addition to any project! Use holographic stickers for upcycling old accessories or transform plain storage containers into lively organizers! Today we're going to share 6 exclusive ideas on how to use sticker paper in your craft projects. 

1. Gift Sticker Labels

Adding some flair and personality to your gifts is an excellent way to ensure they stand out and are remembered fondly by loved ones. Custom stickers for gift wrapping are an easy way to do just this; simply print and apply your own designs directly on printable sticker paper before applying it directly to the wrapping material.

To create the ideal gift sticker, selecting the appropriate material is key. Stickers come in both paper and vinyl formats; both offer their own advantages and drawbacks. Paper stickers are great for short-term uses due to being inexpensive, as they come in different textures and finishes. However, they tend to tear more easily than vinyl alternatives and fade faster as time goes on.

Vinyl sticker paper, on the other hand, is more resilient and can withstand rough handling without suffering damage. Furthermore, they're water-resistant and come in various colors and finishes. Whether you prefer glossy stickers or classic matte ones, there will surely be one out there to suit your taste!

2. Create Custom Labels

Creating your own custom labels is an easy and rewarding way to promote your business or personalize a fun project for yourself. Choose between simple stickers or full-color vinyl decals as materials. Just be sure to select

  • An appropriate printer
  • Paper type
  • Print method

so your labels look crisp and professional!

For basic printing projects, consider white printable sticker paper compatible with inkjet printers. It is cost-effective and adheres well to flat surfaces. However, it may smudge or flake in humid conditions.

For longer-lasting stickers that will stand the test of time and weather better, thicker sticker paper that comes in both matte and glossy finishes could be better suited.

For intricate designs, it is wise to opt for specialty paper compatible with your printer. Sticker papers coated with laminate can provide more durable protection from scratching, water and sunlight exposure.

3. Craft Stickers

Crafting stickers out of sticker sheets is an engaging and creative way to express yourself. You can use a sticker program or draw directly onto the paper using pens, pencils or paint - either way is sure to produce beautiful stickers!

Sticker printer paper comes in many different sizes and finishes, making it accessible across e-commerce platforms and local craft stores. You can even purchase electronic cutting machines that make cutting stickers into precise shapes a simple process - popular examples being Cricut and Silhouette machines.

Step one is selecting an image or design to use as your sticker template, using tools such as Photoshop, Canva or PicMonkey if necessary. Premade designs may also be found online at Etsy and Creative Market.

We suggest setting your printer to print on glossy photo paper with high quality settings - this will slow down the printing process so the ink doesn't smudge during its application and ensure high-quality sticker prints.

Furthermore, it is wise to stockpile extra printer paper just in case printing mishaps arise unexpectedly.

4. Stickers for Home Decor

Home decor with stickers can add an eye-catching splash of color. Create custom illustrations using stickers from magazines or use repositionable glue to make reusable stickers - these make great temporary accents that you can peel and stick again when necessary!

They are available at craft and office supply stores and are an easy and economical way to print stickers at home. Although thin like regular writing paper, its thickness makes it perfect for sticker printing - just make sure it works with your printer (either laser or inkjet).

If using sticker paper for printer, make sure your printer is set to its highest print quality settings for the best results. This will slow the printing process so the ink doesn't smudge and ensure high-quality stickers with professional results.

Once your stickers have been printed, laminate them for additional durability and protection. A clear laminating sheet or thermal laminator are both excellent ways to do this and will protect them from water, sunlight and dirt while prolonging their use in future applications.

5. Stickers for Party Favors

Stickers can make all the difference for party favors, invitations and special events. Choose from an impressive variety of superior customizable labels that are simple to print and apply - ideal for

  • Personalized birthday party favors,
  • DIY gifts
  • Business promotions such as giveaways or awards.

Paper stickers are affordable and come with multiple textured finishes, making them suitable for short-term or indoor use. Although paper is less likely to fade and tear than vinyl, more maintenance may be required to maintain its appearance.

Longer term applications might benefit from using paper stickers with laminated surfaces as they're more water resistant and can be reused multiple times without losing adhesion.

Other types include correction paper labels for quickly correcting errors in printed items. Foil stickers add an eye-catching shine that adds decorative value or high-end product labeling purposes.

6. Home Decor Stickers

Making stylish wall stickers can be an amazing creative outlet if you have an artistic bent. Drawing or painting directly on sticker paper with markers, pens, watercolors, and acrylics can create wonderful artwork! For something extra shiny, try adding clear packing tape ranging from 2"-8". Laminate the stickers as protection from moisture and weather!

Sticker paper comes in different thicknesses and colors. Some options are waterproof for surfaces where people frequently touch them or get wet. Other varieties are opaque for creating professional-looking labels or stickers. Know which sticker paper type will suit your home decor project, as different varieties are designed for different tasks.

A great place to start would be checking the label of your sticker paper for printer compatibility guidelines.

Many printers have a maximum paper thickness they can print on and may work better with dye ink than pigment ink.


Sticker paper is a versatile and fun material that can add a unique touch to a variety of craft projects. Whether you're customizing gifts, decorating your home, or embellishing your scrapbook, sticker paper offers endless possibilities for creativity. So next time you're feeling crafty, don't forget to reach for the sticker paper and let your imagination run wild!