5 Black Friday Marketing Strategies -2023

Black Friday is one of most sales events for American every year and there are thousands of blogs taught you how to prepare your marketing campaign strategy. However, most of them areeither suitable for large business or same and boring.

On this blog, let’s explore 5 of of latest and creative Black Friday marketing strategies.

1. Buy now, pay later

Many customers may not have the means to make full upfront payments but still desire to make an immediate purchase. To address this, consider utilizing an alternative payment method like Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) to increase your sales opportunities. You won’t lost customers who currently have tight budget.

Source: Klarna

2. Upsell And Cross-sell

3. Share Sneak peeks

Black Friday advertising is highly competitive, so it's essential to provide early glimpses of your forthcoming promotions. Clearly communicate to customers what they can anticipate from your Black Friday deals.

Share sneak peeks of discounts on your most sought-after products to generate enthusiasm around significant price reductions.

A prime illustration of effective Black Friday marketing can be found in this email from Google Store.

4. Countdown Timers

Incorporating a countdown timer is an excellent method to convey a sense of urgency for limited-time offers, which have been known to persuade 36% of online shoppers to make a purchase. Therefore, it's an ideal addition to your roster of Black Friday marketing tactics.

You can integrate timers into various elements of your website, including popups like this...

5. Virtual wheel

You have the option to infuse an element of gamification into your Black Friday campaigns. A widely used approach is to implement a digital spinning wheel. This small yet engaging addition to your website will entice both your existing and prospective customers to visit your site in hopes of winning rewards, discounts, and coupons.

This Black Friday marketing tactic prioritizes creating an enjoyable experience rather than giving away extravagant prizes. It indirectly fosters a positive perception of your brand and website, contributing to an overall favorable encounter for users.