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5 Labor Day Marketing Ideas for Small Business

5 Labor Day Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Many Labor Day marketing campaigns typically focus on providing discounted prices. However, you don't necessarily have to follow the common approach.

Instead, consider adopting a more creative strategy to distinguish yourself from the multitude of price reductions. For instance, you might opt for unique approaches such as conducting a customer loyalty or presenting a "buy-one-get-one" offer.

In this article, we will guide you through five successful Labor Day marketing illustrations that are worth emulating.

1. Upgrades for Free!

If your product or service has the potential for upgrades, Labor Day presents a perfect opportunity to explore this marketing concept. Upgrades typically involve transitioning customers to a higher-priced tier. However, during the Labor Day period, you can embrace a more benevolent approach.


Provide customers with a free upgrade to the subsequent level for a defined duration – whether it's one month, two months, and so forth. Upon the conclusion of the promotional span, numerous customers may opt to continue with the elevated tier at the increased price point.

2. Gather User-generated Content with Photo or Video Contests

The Labor Day weekend brims with parades, picnics, music festivals, and more. Utilizing Photo Contests presents an excellent opportunity to engage with your followers and immerse yourself in these festivities fully. Invite your brand's community to share snapshots and selfies capturing their Labor Day revelries. You can adhere to a specific theme, such as "best parade" or "family cookout", or opt for a more general contest.

Simplicity is key. Ensure that everyone can easily and spontaneously participate via mobile phones or tablets. Present all entries within an online gallery and infuse an element of competition by encouraging followers to vote for their favorites. Recognize outstanding entries with a grand prize while also considering smaller participation incentives like discount coupons.

A compelling example of an entertaining Labor Day promotion revolves around a theme tightly associated with the occasion: "people at work." The campaign was initiated by sharing a photo featuring the brand's own employees engrossed in their tasks. This approach not only highlighted their team and products but also resonated with the Labor Day spirit.

Photo and Video Contests yield exceptional results when your aim is to gather user-generated content.


3. Offer A "buy-one-get-one" (BOGO) Deal

A "buy-one-get-one" deal represents an excellent alternative to distinguish your brand among the general Labor Day price reduction campaigns.

Look to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand for inspiration, as they successfully employed this approach:


You can also experiment with various combinations if a straightforward BOGO setup doesn't align with your business's financial dynamics—such as purchasing one item to receive another at half price or requiring the purchase of two items to obtain one for free. Yet, ensure that you promptly inform your website visitors about your Labor Day weekend deal through a slide-in site message.

4. Promote Freebies to Build Brand Loyalty

Your Labor Day marketing campaign can serve as an avenue to enhance your business's promotion and product visibility through the orders made by your subscribers.

The more acquainted your subscribers become with your products, the higher the likelihood of cultivating repeat purchases. Nonetheless, establishing this familiarity right from the start can be challenging for first-time customers.

Branding focus: Clayton & Crume's Labor Day email exemplifies this strategy.

Image source: Clayton & Crume

Irrespective of what a reader purchases, Clayton & Crume extends an offer to eliminate shipping charges and include three complimentary products within their order. This exclusive promotion not only eradicates potential purchasing barriers (yes, shipping fees, I'm looking at you), but also serves as a platform for customers to delve deeper into Clayton & Crume's product range and material quality.

Labor Day marketing tip: The allure of receiving free goodies is irresistible. This strategy serves as a mutually beneficial Labor Day retention marketing concept, both for your audience and for the cultivation of your brand loyalty.

5. Help Your Community

Jones Road Beauty adopted a distinctive approach in its Labor Day marketing strategy by allocating a portion of its sales to a non-profit cause:


Specifically, Jones Road Beauty recognized the current events—something we previously suggested—and realized it had the potential to make a meaningful impact on Hurricane Ida survivors.

Consequently, the makeup brand made contributions to Baby2Baby, an organization providing essential supplies to affected families.

You can explore a similar path. Assess the prevailing circumstances around you and identify what resonates with your audience's values. Subsequently, devise a plan to actively contribute to that cause.

For instance, if your target demographic comprises students returning to school, a compelling campaign concept could involve donating a portion of Labor Day sales to an educational non-profit organization.

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