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When we talk about direct thermal labels compatible with desktop direct thermal printers, Brother is one of the most popular brands among them, known for its convenience features. Brother Industries, Ltd. (Japanese: ブラザー工業株式会社), a Japanese multinational electrical equipment and electronics company founded in Japan in 1908. It offers printers, PCs, consumer sewing machines, industrial machines, typewriters, fax machines, large machine tools, and other computer-related electronics.


Brother Industries Ltd.

Why Brother Labels Are Popular on Thermal Labels Market?

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Unlike Honeywell, Brother Industries is not a key player in the entire direct thermal labels market, but it is a key player in the consumer thermal labels segment. Its weapon is supreme convenience.

In addition to Brother QL printers’ auto-cut function and pre-attached label cartridge, users can save much time on paper (label) size setup and perforation.

Brother Printer Auto-cut and Auto-select

Auto-cut Printer

One unique feature of Brother direct thermal printers is the auto-cut function. When users want to print a dozen labels, they can select either cutting every label or cutting at the end of a dozen labels. Unlike other labels with perforation that still need users to separate by hand, Brother printers' auto-cut function makes Brother labels  one of the most convenient direct thermal labels.

Auto-select Cartridge

Another unique feature of Brother labels  is the cartridge. Labels compatible with Brother QL printers must be attached to a cartridge that makes Brother printers identify and auto-select the right label size directly. The printer may stop at label size 2.4" x 4" when the user just finished printing 2.4" x 4" labels, but once the user places another size like  4" x 6". with a cartridge to Brother QL printers, the printers will automatically identify and change the printing label size to 4" x 6".

Trade-off: Confusion and Less Affordability

Brother’s auto-cut and auto-select features bring supreme convenience to users, but they also bring trade-offs. Considering Brother labels are required to be used with a cartridge, the price of labels is a little bit higher than other major brands. And if users buy several different sizes of Brother labels  with cartridges, some new users may mix or be confused among those cartridges that look very similar.

In general, Brother labels  are one of the most user-friendly brands for new users.

Brother Unique Continuous Labels Vs. Die-cut Labels


If you are a heavy user of direct thermal labels, then you must have experienced difficulty when trying to source special size labels unlike 4" x 6". But Brother labels help you thanks to its auto-cut printer and continuous labels.

One of the biggest differences between Brother labels and other major brands in the market is continuous labels. Unlike die-cut labels with identical sizes such as DK-1241 4" x 6", Brother also provides continuous labels with specific width but ridiculous length such as DK-2243, 4" x 100’.

Yes, One Hundred Feet (30.48 Meters). When you buy Brother DK-1241 Die-cut 4" x 6" labels, you always have to print your design on the 4" x 6" area because all 200 labels in a roll are  4" x 6".

However, you can print and cut on 4" x 2.5", 4" x 3", 4 x 4", and even 4" x 8" with DK-2243, 4" x 100’ continuous labels. Every time your Brother printer prints those sizes of labels you wish, your Brother printer will automatically cut for you instead of desperately clipping those labels by hand.

Brother Continuous Labels and Die-cut Labels

What Labels, Features, And Benefits Does Brother Offer?


Brother labels offer almost all regular types of labels including, but not limited to: small address labels, standard address labels, large shipping labels, round labels, square labels, barcode labels, name badge labels, file folder labels, and large multipurpose labels.

Brother All Size Labels

Small And Standard Address Labels

Brother offers small address labels DK-1209 (2.4" x 1.1"), and standard address labels DK-1201 (1.1" x 3.5").

Return address labels and address labels are designed to print addresses of both sender and receiver. You may wonder why not use 4" x 6" shipping labels? You are right, 4" x 6" shipping labels are large enough to contain address and return address on one label, but don’t forget that sometimes you may need to mail envelopes and cards as well instead of parcels and packages only.

And don’t forget that you may want to print your logo and brand image on 4" x 6" labels for less cost compared to customized ordering boxes with logos, so additional labels with addresses only help you not only enhance brand identity but also save costs.

And you are free to print anything on address labels as you wish like logos or attractive designs.

Large Shipping Labels

Brother also offers large shipping labels with sizes 4" x 6" (DK-1241),  4" x 100’ (DK-2243), and 4.07" x 6.4" (DK-1247). Those sizes are the most popular shipping label sizes in the USA adopted by almost all major carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

And the 4 inches wide 100 feet long continuous labels DK-2243 are special. By ordering this versatile label, you can both print and cut  4" x 6" standard large shipping labels or even 4" x 8" extra-large shipping labels with more designs, such as your catchy design and product information.

Round Labels And Square Labels

  • Brother labels have round DK-1218 (φ1") labels, and they provide the following features and benefits:
    • Your customer usually feels more positively about circles because they represent togetherness and love, as psychologists have mentioned.
    • Round stickers are ideal for delivering fun and simple messages.
    • And they are more suitable for certain products, like the lid of a jar or the top of a container.
  •  Brother labels also have square label DK-1221 (0.9" x 0.9") labels, and they provide the following features and benefits:
    • They are ideal labels for printing QR codes.
    • Square labels are eye-catching because of their aesthetic attractiveness, made possible by their symmetrical and balanced design.
    • Those square labels are good for organizing because of their visually appealing attributes that draw customers' attention among all the products on the shelf.

Multipurpose Labels

 Brother labels also have one of the most popular multipurpose labels 4" x 2" DK-1240.

For middle-sized labels like  DK-1240 4" x 2" labels, they are very versatile for users. If your product or package is small, those labels can be used as shipping labels with sender, recipient, and barcode on it.

If your product or package is pretty big, then you can use those labels as decoration with your brand logo.

Not Only Paper, but Film


 Brother labels also offer film labels instead of just paper labels. When you want your labels to be water-resistant, oil-resistant, and scratch-resistant, then don’t hesitate to choose film labels.

If you prefer more transparent film labels, then consider Brother labels with matte clear feature, such as DK-2211 (1.1" x 50") or DK-2212 (2.4" x 50’), which have similar widths to DK-1201 (1.1" x 3.5") and DK-1202 (2.4" x 4"). These weather-resistant film labels with high transparency are professional and suitable for drink products or outdoor items.

For sleek glossy clear film labels, Brother offers DK-2113 (2.4" x 50’), which are white film labels with 80% transparency.

Black or Red, Yellow Labels, And Removable Adhesive


You may wonder if  Brother labels have any labels that can fit your special demands, such as printing red color on white labels for highlighting, or easy-to-remove labels for price tags. Then see the following special labels:

Brother Black/Red on White, Yellow and Removable Labels

Print Black/Red on White

Brother Labels DK-2251 are unique labels that can print black or red color on white labels. These labels are perfect for when you want to print a highlight or alert message. But please note that these labels are only compatible with Brother QL-800 printers, QL-810W printers, and QL-820NWB printers.

Yellow Labels

Printing black and red on white is not the only way to show a highlight or alert message. Printing black on yellow labels is another option, such as DK-4605 (2.4" x 100’).

Unlike red color font on white labels, black font on yellow labels provides a softer effect of warning that not only reminds people but also isn't too aggressive. Another effect of the yellow color is its positivity. It is the color of the sun that brings feelings of joy, optimism, and warmth.

And DK-4605 yellow labels are removable, so you can easily replace or remove them without leaving residue.

Removable Labels

In addition to DK-4605 yellow removable labels,  Brother labels DK-4205 are also removable but in white. Unlike regular permanent adhesive labels with strong adhesive that are very hard to remove without residue, removable adhesive labels can be easily removed without residue and label damage. For temporary usage such as returnable items, price tags, or promotional stickers, these are perfect labels because you need to replace them frequently.

Other Color Labels and Removable Labels?


Some of you may have noticed that Brother doesn’t offer color labels or removable labels for all sizes. And not everyone needs yellow labels. What about red, orange, green, blue, or pink color labels? Then Betckey can help you.

As the leading supplier of direct thermal labels, compatible with Brother QL-series printers, Betckey offers 6 color labels including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and pink in all sizes, as well as removable adhesive labels for all sizes.

For 2.4" x 100’ labels, Brother only offers yellow color DK-4605, but Betckey offers the other 5 colors. Not to mention all other sizes that Brother doesn’t have color labels for, such as DK-1241 4" x 6", Betckey has you covered.

From DK-1201  1.1" x 3.5" to DK-2243 4" x 100’, Betckey offers removable labels for all sizes. In general, you will find any labels you need as long as you use Brother QL direct thermal printers.

All Colored Brother Labels



Brother Industries, a long-standing famous brand that provides printers, is the key player in direct thermal labels for desktop printers.  Brother labels come in different sizes, features, materials, and colors. With its auto-cut function printer and auto-select function labels, Brother is one of the best brands that provide convenience to its users. It is true that not all  Brother labels have color or removable options, but Betckey has you covered.

On the Betckey website, you will find all the labels you need for Brother QL printers, regardless of sizes, colors, materials, or adhesives.

We stand behind our brand.