Five Marketing Ideas on Mother's Day

When Should You Start Promoting for Mother’s Day?

Online spending on Mother's Day has increased by 12%, making it a profitable time of year for businesses to offer promotions and capture extra sales. In this blog, we will discuss effective Mother's Day marketing ideas to help businesses grow during this season.

However, it's important to consider the timing of these promotions. Typically, many people tend to leave gift shopping until the last minute and scramble to find ideas in a rush.

Therefore, it's recommended to start promoting Mother's Day at least three to four weeks prior to the holiday. This will give shoppers enough time to plan and make purchases, while also allowing for shipping and delivery times.

1. Extra Incentive

One effective way to increase Mother's Day sales is to provide customers with extra incentives. This can include offering free shipping on selected products, adding a free gift to purchases made from a Mother's Day gift guide, or providing discount coupons to make your offers more affordable. By providing additional incentives, you can draw attention to the key products you want customers to buy.

For example, Adidas is currently offering a free bag with a Mother's Day purchase by using code "MOM." Another pro tip is to offer ads on Facebook, which allows users who save the offer to receive notifications reminding them of the promotion when they switch devices before the offer expires. Facebook suggests promoting substantial offers, such as a discount of at least 20% or offering free items, like Adidas' free gift, to attract customers.

2. Influencer marketing campaign

Influencer marketing was employed by 86% of brands last year and had a 92% success rate. To leverage this strategy for Mother's Day, reach out to influencers and collaborate with them to promote your brand or specific products. Determine the scope of your collaboration and the products you wish to endorse.


Next, a clothing and home accessories company, previously ran an influencer marketing campaign to promote their next-day delivery subscription. The company then reused this campaign for their Mother's Day promotion, leading to more customers subscribing to the service.\

3. Mother’s Day Email Campaign

To keep your customers informed about your business, email marketing is a popular and effective strategy. Thus, it is essential to include promotional Mother's Day emails on your content calendar in advance of the holiday. Creating customized content for specific email target groups can lead to a transaction rate six times higher than non-targeted marketing newsletters. In fact, email marketing is one of the most effective tools for driving traffic to your store.




To inspire your Mother's Day email marketing campaigns this year, consider implementing the following ideas:

Reminders or countdowns for the holiday,

Special deals for Mother's Day,

Last-minute deals,

Order deadlines,

Ongoing offers that aren't specific to Mother's Day,

Best-selling products, and abandoned cart reminders.

Remember that your competitors will also be sending out similar emails, so choose your subject lines carefully and create an eye-catching email design. And don’t forget tp segment your email list to maximize user engagement.

Make Mobile Device Friendly Layout

In 2014, only 27% of marketing emails were accessed through mobile devices, but currently, the number has significantly increased to 61%. This trend highlights the importance of implementing mobile-friendly email campaigns to ensure customers can easily engage with your special offers.

4. Mother’s Day Product Page

A dedicated product page created exclusively for Mother's Day is a valuable promotional idea. Review your products or services and determine how you can present them as ideal gifts for mothers. Once you have identified these products, develop a web page that showcases them and encourages shoppers to purchase them.


Dedicated pages simplify the search for Mother's Day-specific gifts, making it easier for shoppers to find what they need. Additionally, you can utilize the page to convert regular visitors into Mother's Day shoppers by eliminating unrelated products.


5. User-Generated Content (UGC)


Encouraging User-Generated Content (UGC) is an excellent way to promote your Mother's Day campaign. You can ask your followers to share their funny and heartwarming moments with their moms under your brand's hashtag. This approach can help increase brand awareness and promote your Mother's Day promotion.

The Body Shop's #GotItFromHer campaign is a great example of leveraging UGC. The campaign asked followers to share photos of their moms, highlighting their unique and empowering traits.

UGC is a cost-effective way to earn consumer trust since followers create content on their own time and resources. Don't forget to share UGC posts in your campaigns to promote your brand further.

Twitter is an ideal platform for people to discuss and share ideas about Mother's Day. To maximize engagement, use specific and relevant messaging tailored to your audience's tweets. Lastly, participate in Mother's Day conversations by targeting specific keywords to build on the discussions and trending topics.