No residue, no jams, no harm to the environment. Betckey's Unique Adhesive-Free Design

Unlike other brands that use hot-melt adhesive to stick the last label on the tube,

Betckey employs the rotational force to adhere the last label to the tube to achieve real-adhesive free design.

No residue, no jams, no harm to the environment. Want to know what and how every get benefit from it?

Everyone Get Benefits

  1. [Truly 100% adhesive-free]: Users can easily detach the last label from the roll for use, saving resources and costs. You get exact amount of useful labels as described.
  1. [No Residue, No Jams]: In contrast to hot-melt adhesives that leave residue after expiration, this technology will not harm the thermal-sensitive printer head and printer gears during printing. There won't be issues with label paper jamming. This saves users on printer costs, time costs, silent costs, and opportunity costs.
  1. [Environmentally friendly]: This technology allows for the use of the last label without waste, contributing to environmental protection. Betckey sell 6,000,000 rolls every year so Betckey helps everyone saves 6,000,000 labels with area of 936.36km², which is similar to territory size of USA.

What Makes Betckeys Design Unique?

Other-brands Did It Chemically.

For other brands, the existing adhesive-free technology involves applying a layer of hot-melt adhesive, expected to expire within one month, to stick the last label in the roll onto the tube. So user may use the last label when receive product because hot-melt adhesive may expired. However, there are several disadvantages:

(1) The hot-melt adhesive may not have expired due to certain circumstances. This can result in the last label being unable to detach, rendering it unusable and causing wastage of resources and environmental impact.

(2) Even if the hot-melt adhesive has expired when in use, it forms adhesive residue. When users use it, the  residue can get stuck on the thermal sensitive head of the thermal printer, causing damage to the thermal sensitive head or even the entire can result in issues like printer jam, causing losses and waste.

Betckey Did It Physically.

Betckey’s adhesive-free approach is another story.

Without using hot-melt adhesive, Betckey employs a novel combination of different components in the production machine. This arrangement allows the last label to adhere to the tube through rotating force. In other words, Betckey relies on physics, not chemistry.

This design provides users not only with the convenience of using the last label but also avoids damage to the thermal-sensitive head and gears of the printer. Furthermore, it prevents the wastage of resources and addresses environmental concerns that may arise from the generation of excessive unusable label paper.