What the Difference between DYMO 5XL and DYMO 4XL Printers?

DYMO 5XL printers are much cheaper than DYMO 4XL printers, had a power button, and had networking capabilities. Why the new version cheaper than the older one? Because once you use DYMO 5XL printers, you have to use official DYMO labels.

So the biggest difference between the DYMO 5XL from the 4XL is that the DYMO 5XL printers are “locked down” printers. The new model using RFID chips know as DRM(digital rights management) to force people purchase original DYMO lables. Please be informed that DYMO 5XL will be able to recognize only authentic DYMO labels that are of the new generation.

That means you cannot use any third party labels on DYMO 5XL. Many of customers bought DYMO compatible labels but cannot use in DMYO 5XL printers. Also, even real older dymo labels, they will not work either. Most labels don't work with this printer.

You need to only by DYMO brand labels. Unfortunately, DYMO brand labels are more costly than Betckey Dymo Labels. This means you will not be able to use the large variety of labeling choices that Betckey has if you purchase the DYMO 5XL printers

Moreover, DYMO 4XL printers can printer 4 wide labels, and the printer are not limited by the DRM. This enables the consumer to continue using custom labels or third-party labels. You can use DYMO 4XL labels to design unique custom labels. If you bought DYMO 5XL printers, you will found the software don’t support copy and paste text. Every label requires a contact to be imported. It doesn’t even allow a logo return address to be used.

If you need to print extra-large shipping labels, like 4 x 6 shipping labels for your company or warehouse. You can buy DYMO 4XL label printer. They are still in production. This printer is a long-lasting, highly rated printer for all your labeling needs.

Another difference is that DYMO 5XL can automatically recognizes and displays the label size, type, and number of labels remaining. As a consumer, who really cares about how many labels you have left? Because, when the labels run out, you just put have another roll of them in the printer.

It no matters on a consumer standpoint to know how many labels that you have remaining. Dymo new generation label maker locks you into more expensive DYMO brand labels.

Finally, the DYMO 5XL printer is up to 20% faster than the 4XL printer. Beyond these changes and a slight design update that includes Power, Label Forward, and Label Backward buttons, there are not any other major differences from the 450 Series.