Why you need a Brother QL-1110NWB for shipping labels?

Thermal printers are not really cheap. Price is a big barrier to entry for a lot of people because you’re gonna a $100 maybe $200 closer to $300, depending on what printer you’re looking at what model what kind of features that you’re trying to get. The price of brother QL-1110NWB comes in at $279.99. The Brother QL-1110NWB Label Printer can print up to 4-inch labels which are ideal for shipping, addressing and postage needs.

Brothe QL-1110NWB you get a handful more of flexible printing options. You can print this from a windows pc, you can print it from a mac and print it from linux. It’s got wired Internet also wireless as will as USB and direct Wi-Fi. You could do all of that wireless as you can. Another compatibility feature of the brother printer you can print with it without a wireless network, without a cord, without internet because it has Bluetooth and it has what’s called direct Wi-Fi connection. So if you’re at like a warehouse or a garage or storage unit and you don’t have a wireless network that could be something that you specifically need. You can print from your phone without internet and with this printer you can on both ios via direct Wi-Fi or on android with the Bluetooth function of this printer. So plenty of options for connection.

The brother printer they want you to be able to easily swap label rolls with that feature, you should use brother dk labels. Betckey also offer compatible Brother QL-1110NWB shipping labels, which will help you save more money. That have this plastic cartridge. With this foot on the cartridge that presses down on those pins that touch the motherboard and tell the printer what size labels they are. The Brother QL-1110NWB also detects the size of the tape in the machine and automatically adjusts the onscreen template. And you can see the little black square on the labels that you feed into a sensor that senses when the label starts and when the labels stop. That is called a proprietary label design. Which is a type of labels design that might make or break the decision for you to get a brother printer.

We all know the print quality is measured in what’s called dpi (dots per inch). That’s basically a resolution of how dense a image or text or barcode can print through a thermal printer. The Brother QL-1110NWB delivers 300 dpi resolution. Higher dpi means a higher resolution. It actually prints a crisper image. That’s really important when it comes to small logos, text or pictures. If you had them in person to compare especially the small text is more readable.

The brother QL-1110NWB prints up to 69 labels per minute minimizing the time spent waiting for labels. It’s really a productivity machine things like shipping labels that really to increase your productivity if you’re shipping things out a lot. Ideally suited for actually printing shipping labels. Not only does it speed up what you’re doing but also makes look a lot more professional. Its built-in automatic heavy-duty cutter is ideal for handling large print jobs and provides a clean, professional edge when using continuous tapes. If you’re using a printed shipping label and your customer at the other end receive with you custom logo on their shipping address, they will feel be valued.