How to Survive Work After The Holiday.

Everyone looks forward to spend holidays, but returning to work can make you feel like you need another holiday! In other words, you have post-vacation syndrome, more commonly known as the 'post-holiday blues,' as many people do. Most people suffer from frustration, low energy, anxiety and lack of concentration. Here are five tips that might help you:

1. Start Your Work Easier: If you find it hard to get motivated for your workday, tackle a small yet important task on your list. There's nothing more joyful than checking something off your list. Get yourself a jump start!

2.Sort Emails by Importance: Your inbox can be flooded with emails when you go back to work. So set up some filters by sender or subject to make sure you do not miss any important emails. Otherwise, you'll have to work through your inbox until 4:00 p.m. and still get nervous.

3.Take Care of Yourself: It takes a process to get your mind and body back into work mode. So do not make it harder on yourself by doing strenuous exercise or drastically changing your diet. And no matter how busy you are, try to leave the office on time. Going on holidays does not mean you have to work overtime as punishment!

4.Set New Goals: Now is the best time to set a new goal and break the way to get there into several small goals. There is nothing better than setting new goals to avoid boredom. Find some areas you would like to change or improve, then the expectation will inspire you.

5.Talk to Your Friends: Take my word for it! There are many more people who have the 'back-to-work blues' than you think. Talk to them about your feelings and problems and give each other tips. You will feel much better, even if there are no useful tips in conversations.

Now you have some tips on how to improve your 'back to work blues'. Do not feel guilty if you feel a little unmotivated when you return to work after a holiday break. You will always get through it again.